Problem description: My baby has a cold. I don’t know what to pay attention to when I become a mother for the first time. What should I pay attention to when I have a cold?
Question date:2020-09-23
Patient information: Age: 25 Gender: Male
Patients need to pay attention to the following 6 after catching a cold point.
1. You must pay attention to rest. Patients with severe or frail conditions should stay in bed; 2. Drink plenty of water, preferably 3000-5000 ml a day, preferably warm water; 3. Eat more Fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins; 4. Fasting raw and cold, greasy, fried, spicy, salty and seafood foods; 5. Maintain indoor air circulation to prevent bacterial reproduction; 6. Proper and regular outdoor exercise , Can improve the body’s immunity.
It is recommended that the diet should be light, not raw or cold food, and usually pay attention to proper physical exercise to enhance physical fitness and improve resistance.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination