Problem description: My friend has been pregnant for several months. The day before yesterday, she had a cold and went to the hospital to check for a bacterial cold. Can a pregnant woman cure her own bacterial cold?
Question date:2020-09-23
Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: Female
Pregnant women with bacterial cold can heal themselves of.
Pregnant women have low resistance during pregnancy and are vulnerable to external bacterial infections. If pregnant women have a bacterial cold, the only one is upper respiratory tract infection, there is no fever, no increase in blood picture, and then there are no changes in chest signs, in general, it is Take a little medicine regularly, and then pay attention to your body and improve your resistance. However, if a pregnant woman’s bacterial cold also shows elevated blood levels, then fever, cough, and even lower respiratory tract infections, if there are symptoms of pneumonia, they will not be able to heal themselves at this time.
It is recommended to take a good rest, keep warm, drink plenty of water, eat lightly, avoid irritating foods, seafood and other foods that are prone to allergies, and foods that are too greasy. You can heal by keeping enough sleep.
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