Bumping face FF91, the first production car release of Chinese Express

On July 31, Chinese Express released the new luxury intelligent pure electric brand Gaohe HiPhi, and the brand’s first mass production model car HiPhi 1 global launch.

The official said that Gaohe HiPhi 1 enhances the connectivity of cars, roads and cities. More than 500 sensors are deployed throughout the vehicle, and the 5G+V2X communication network is standard for the first time, enabling high-speed interconnection between vehicles and vehicles, vehicles and infrastructure, vehicles and networks, and vehicles.

In terms of performance, the new car has a 200 kW motor, a 0.28 cd drag coefficient, an acceleration of 3.9 seconds per 100 kilometers, and a battery life of over 600 kilometers.

Interestingly, the vision of this car company has always been “changing the future of human travel.”

35.58-41.78 million, the new Land Rover Range Rover Aurora release

The appearance of the new aurora has not been amazing in this era, but the design level is still superior, but the face of the “hair doll” is somewhat stupid and incomprehensible.

The new car has a length and width of 4371/1904/1649mm and a wheelbase of 2681mm, which is 21mm longer than the wheelbase of the current model.

In addition to the appearance of imitation, the interior is almost a copy of the star, LCD instrument + central control dual-screen technology is strong, the car uses the latest InControl infotainment system of Land Rover, compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new Aurora provides seven modes of driving, including automatic mode, normal driving mode, grass/gravel/snow mode, and mud/rut mode, sand mode, dynamic mode, and energy saving mode. The official is called “All Terrain SUV”. .

Wei Lai sells the FE Formula Team

According to foreign media reports, Weilai Automobile will sell its FE Formula Team, which will be Shanghai Lisheng Racing Co., Ltd. (Lisheng Racing). After the sale, the team retained Nio’s name, but Weilai is no longer the direct owner of the team, and Weilai appears as an investor or sponsor.

Lisheng Racing is the only listed company in China and the organizer and owner of the CTCC China Touring Car Championship.

We would not comment on the sale of the team.

Domestic small steel guns? Leading gram 03+ listing

18.58 million -22.88 million yuan, the leading price of the leading gram 03+. The design of the new car continuation 03 has been added to the exclusive color scheme of the carbon fiber kit and the “flame fuel gold”. There are many “+” signs on the body and inside the car.

The new car is powered by a 2.0 T inline four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 187 kW and a peak torque of 350 Nm. It is equipped with a BorgWarner intelligent four-wheel drive system with an acceleration of 5.9 seconds per 100 km.

The sixth Tesla burning accident this year, this time in Germany

On the evening of July 30, a Tesla Model S suddenly burned in the small German town of Ratingen.

The accident was located in a residential area called Breitscheid. A local resident said that he heard a loud explosion. When he ran to the street, he found a Tesla burning in the parking space.

The wreckage of the current Model S has now been sealed and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Drip set up an automatic driving company