Question description: My friend always stays in the house alone when he has depression. I want to know what are the causes of depression?
Question date:2020-09-24
Patient information:Age: 36 Gender: Female
Depression is generally caused by biochemistry Factors, physical disease factors and personality factors.
Biochemical factors: When the neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain slowly decrease and the concentration of norepinephrine decreases, the imbalance between these two neurotransmitters can lead to depression. Physical disease factors: physical diseases such as stroke, diabetes, cancer, and hormonal disorders may lead to depression. Personality factors: such as sensitivity, suspiciousness, emotional instability, strong, low self-confidence, and excessive worry, etc., can easily lead to depression.
It is recommended to exercise more regularly. Sports will mobilize the human body’s potential and activate body cells. It can relax people’s body and mind, and their emotions will naturally be relieved.
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