There is no perfect house in the world, and the orientation is not unique.

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As a powerful property analysis author, it is reasonable to have Zheng Banqiao’s noble and sturdy festival.

But in the cold winter season, when standing in a north-facing house in the north of the motherland, when the north wind from the Siberian plateau whizzed again and again, I was still stunned and closed the window of the proud.

This time the question is coming. Can you buy a house in the end? The impact of orientation on residence is not big?

I personally combined with real estate knowledge to analyze the direction of the house.

Do you really understand “sitting north to the south”?

“Poetry, Taiga, Gongliu” Cloud: “Looking at its yin and yang, watching its flowing spring.” As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, people were very particular about the orientation of the house. Sitting north to the south is the positional criterion followed by Chinese architecture. .

Sitting, is the location of the house in the yard. Because ancient buildings are often dominated by courtyards, the relative positions of different houses in the yard are different, so-called sitting.

However, today we can only live in a high-rise community, the yard can not afford to live, and the sitting is slowly diluted.

Orientation is the direction of the house door. It is the direction in which the ancient members of the ancients were engraved with the gold plaque “XX House”. The ancient door was large and the daylighting surface was large.

However, today our main lighting has long been replaced with landscape balconies, living room floor to ceiling windows and master bedroom bay windows. The window opening of the main functional space such as the living room and bedroom in a house is the orientation we are talking about today.

So why are you going south?

Because China is in the eastern part of the Eurasian continent in the northern hemisphere, most of the land is located north of the Tropic of Cancer. The sun is not directly at the land, but at a certain angle to the south.

So, the south-facing house has more light. This is good for the health of the body, but also makes the room more open, and the southward room has been passed down from ancient times.

Clearly expressed in a stream is:

How to choose a house?

Obviously, the south side of the house Than north