Literary Youth “Long Years” Single

Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Every video < /a>”(ID:meijingyingshi), author Bi Yuanyuan, Zhang Chunnan, editor Du Yi.

With the approach of Tanabata, the days of “dog abuse” are coming again.

I don’t know how the “empty nesters” after 85 and 90 saw what they thought, but the data from the Taobao ticket and the Lighthouse Professional Edition showed that 71% of the 95s had already “dismissed”.

There are thousands of donkeys. If you don’t, you can change. Big data tells you all the behavior data of the “single” user. Do you see if you are recruited?

95 “Single” viewing map:Sports singles watching ratio super girls

Nickname: Bibi

Gender: Male

Year of birth: 1998

Occupation: Student

Single: Yes

Annual income: less than 10,000

If I don’t have any appointments, I will watch movies myself, but generally no one will (laugh). But for me, watching movies is just watching movies. Focusing on the movie itself is good. Do you want to watch others when you watch movies at home?

However, in some cases, I still have to go to the cinema. Usually it is to be able to see the movie in advance. After all, it will take a while to see the movie after the movie theater is released. This time is enough for eight hundred times. There is also a movie that supports my own desires. Like “Where”, in order to support domestic animation, I must contribute my own movie ticket.

But the people around me are still watching movies or two or more people. Some people will definitely go with the object, or what will they do? And after watching the movie, they will definitely not forget to send a circle of friends (laugh). Anyway, I am a single dog with no object. It doesn’t make sense to me on the Tanabata Festival. See what I like watching on Tanabata. If you don’t, don’t watch.

1. After 70% of the 95th, the audience will be able to watch the movie, and the ratio of male students will be higher than that of girls

71% of the 95 has been

71% of 95
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