According to foreign media, the price of the three models of the iPhone 11 is: 5181 yuan, 6911 yuan, 7603 yuan,

The most concerned model of the mobile phone market in the second half of the year is the release of the new iPhone.

As usual, Apple’s new product launch time is usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday in September and is pre-sold on the second Friday, but on August 6th, Softbank President Miyauchi Ken’s earnings report on Monday The speech at the meeting hinted that the new iPhone will be pre-sold 10 days before the end of September, September 20, similar to the time of new listings in previous years. From this projection, this year’s conference will be around September 10.

According to MacDailyNews, when Miyauchi was asked how to make this year’s new iPhone comply with the revised Japanese version of the Telecommunications Enterprise Law, which came into effect on October 1, Miyauchi responded: “I really think about these ten days. What should I do. Sorry, I shouldn’t say that. No one knows when the new iPhone will be released…”

The implied message in this sentence is 10 days before October 1, that is, the new iPhone will be listed on September 20, and Softbank needs to consider the new iPhone listing.

Apple’s autumn conference has always been highly concerned, and the 2019 new iPhone continues to be exposed. According to Tian Ming International analyst Guo Minghao, today’s Apple Autumn launch will launch three new iPhones, last year’s iPhoneXS, XSMax and XR. Upgraded version, including 6.5-inch OLED screen model, 5.8-inch OLED screen model and 6.1-inch LCD screen model.

According to the new iPhone XR renderings released by foreign media, the color matching is up to 9 kinds. In addition to traditional colors such as red, pink, yellow and blue, Tiffany Blue and Lavender are added to provide more options.

The front line | Softbank President exposed the new iPhone pre-sale time, iPhone11 is cheaper

Image Source: TechWeb

In terms of appearance and configuration, the overall iPhone has not improved much overall, generally extending the positioning of the previous generation. The size of the fuselage is similar to that of last year, retaining the large size of “bangs” and the black edges at the edge of the screen. At the memory level, the main improvement is the use of a more powerful A13 processor, and the back camera becomes a “bathroom” style (12 million images)The main camera + 12 megapixel zoom sub-camera dual camera combination, supports 2x optical zoom).

In addition, the new model may be equipped with a new Taptic engine to eliminate existing 3D Touch screens.

The front line | Softbank President exposed the new iPhone pre-sale time, iPhone11 is cheaper

Image Source: Inventory Technology

It seems that because of the limited performance improvement of the new iPhone, Apple hopes to spend a lot of time on hardware linkage. According to the Japanese news blog Macotakara, the new iPhone 11 will be able to wirelessly charge the Apple Smart Watch Watch and the wireless headset AirPods.

In addition, Apple’s pricing strategy for new models has changed compared to Apple’s previous generation of iPhone XS Max. In the foreign media’s price forecast for new iPhones, all three new models are priced. Decreased:

The price of the iPhone 11R is $749, about 5181 yuan.

The price of iPhone 11 is $999, about RMB 6911;

The price of the iPhone 11 Max is $1,099, about 7,603 yuan;

Of course, the specific price of the new iPhone can only be confirmed after the press conference. The external price forecast adjustment is due to fierce market competition. After all, the global shipment of smartphones is declining, and the iPhone sales are not optimistic. According to a report from Counterpoint, iPhone shipments in the second quarter of this year were about 36.4 million units. The decline was about 11.9%, and Apple was the biggest loser among all the brands on the list.

In addition, this year’s new iPhone does not support 5G network, and Huawei’s first 5G commercial mobile phone Mate 20 X 5G version has been confirmed to be officially launched on August 16th, comprehensive official mall and e-commerce platform data, the booking volume is nearly 30 Million. According to Apple’s latest Q3 earnings report, the contribution of the iPhone’s pillar revenue to Apple’s revenue is less than 50% for the first time. The autumn conference is just around the corner, and it is difficult to have new products that are more than expected. Apple’s battle in the mobile phone market is difficult.