Future developers will be the most common profession, and in the process of technology transformation, almost every enterprise needs developers.

July 19-21, DoraHacks, one of the world’s most active geeks, organized the “fourth industrial revolution” in Shanghai, Hackathon, which is reported to be China’s largest geek to date. marathon.

DoraHacks - AI Change Developer Recruitment Hackathon originated in the early days of the open source movement and emerged with the spread of global open source collaboration tools such as GitHub. In the past 10 years, Hackathon has become a global developer and geek event. Many technology companies and entrepreneurial teams have launched the geek marathon. The geek marathon has gradually become the main place for college students and community developers to learn new technologies.

According to StackOverFlow, more than 25% of the world’s tens of millions of developers have participated in Hackathon, and there are four main reasons for participating in Hackathon: interesting and exciting experiences, team battles, learning new skills, thinking Landing.

On the other hand, because the most creative and active developers are interested in participating in Hackathon, Hackathon has become a powerful channel for technology companies to recruit developers in various countries. Well-known companies such as JP Morgan, Google, Facebook, Uber, and IBM sponsor high-quality Hackathon around the world every year, or organize their own Hackathon. And the recruitment of technical talents through Hackathon is not limited to these big companies. Unicorn companies and emerging startups all sponsor the Hackathon as a must-do for every year, because Hackathon is the most accurate and interactive recruitment for them. channel. Many technical big cows can only be encountered on Hackathon.

DoraHacks is also promoting the efficiency of developer recruitment through good AI while organizing online and offline Hackathon communities around the world. In March of this year, DoraHacks launched HackHub at Menlo Park’s technical team, a platform that connects geeks with similar ideas through deep learning and graph databases, through which the DoraHacks community becomes more viscous.

DoraHAcks - AI changes developer recruitment Currently, the DoraHacks team is working through Intelligence matches developers and businesses, and delivers time-sensitive work opportunities to the right developers. Through Enforcement Learning, developers can stop looking at complex recruitment sites and get the most suitable for them. Job opportunities. At the same time, developers’ personal privacy and information authenticity will be protected through blockchain and privacy technologies, which will be a very valuable development for developers who are tech-savvy and privacy-sensitive. A long-term commercial barrier.

To date, DoraHacks has more than 300,000 developer user groups, more than 20,000 Hackathon geeks, connecting more than 400 technology communities worldwide.

DawnHacks operations principal Penny Wang said: “DoraHacks has always been very keen on the development of new technologies, but also proficient in the operation of the user community. We are very excited to use AI technology in the global market for developers to recruit. I think we can greatly improve the efficiency of developers to recruit the entire market, reduce costs, and protect user privacy through blockchain. We have a large user base on the world, and we understand the needs, and have established a large number of companies. Partnership.”

DoraHacks - AI Change Developer Recruitment< Span> According to public information, DoraHacks has a large number of corporate partners, including large domestic and foreign companies, technology unicorns and fast-growing startups, including software giant Microsoft, IoT giant Bosch Group, and financial technology giants. More than 200 companies including banks, ant gold clothes, blockchain unicorns, and NEO.

At the same time, DoraHacks also received investment from Taiyou Fund, Tsinghua Alumni Fund, Eight-Dimensional Capital, Blockchain Giant Bit China, and a number of well-known individuals.

In the second half of 2019, DoraHacks will usher in a new round of development. Yue Hanchao, head of DoraHacks business, said: “NoDevelopers will be the most common profession, and in the process of technology transformation, almost every enterprise needs developers. The demand for developers from enterprises will grow rapidly in the long run. The developer community and developer positions are globally homogeneous, so the business recruited by developers is inherently global. We look forward to connecting more developers and companies around the world with more organizations, communities and businesses.”