A feast of technological innovation is about to be staged.

A feast of technological innovation is about to be staged. On August 13th, the 2019 Technology Innovation Integration Summit and the first high-tech brand launch conference with the theme of “Zhihui Technology Innovation Unlimited” will be held in Beijing and held at the National Convention Center.

“Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress and the inexhaustible motive force for the country’s prosperity.” At a time when the Chinese economy is entering the “new normal”, technological innovation is directly reflected in the powerful leadership of industrial economic upgrading and lifestyle changes. Beijing, as a global science and technology innovation center, has always been a practitioner who insists on leading the way in technological innovation. As early as 2017, Beijing has defined the positioning of the “four centers”, which includes the strategic positioning of the city that adheres to technological innovation.

Today, Beijing’s urban strategic positioning of adhering to technological innovation has achieved initial success. A few days ago, Beijing’s economic performance in the first half of the year showed that Beijing’s GDP grew by 6.3% in the first half of 2019, of which information transmission, software and information technology services grew by 13.7%; scientific research and technology services grew by 8.4%, leading GDP growth. .

A conference in Beijing with a strong sense of technological innovation can be said to have set the trend of the times. This is also a positive reflection of the city’s strategic positioning of the Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center. As a large state-owned group company affiliated to the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Capital Group takes the strategic orientation of “leading wisdom and green city investment, construction and operation service providers”, and takes “scientific and technological innovation to lead the first future” as the development direction, based in Beijing and serving Beijing. Work hard for a better Beijing.

This conference was hosted by Shouchuang High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. (the first high-tech company), the only operating entity of the Science and Technology Industrial Park under the Capital Group.

Huizhong Zhimou Future, 2019 Technology Innovation Fusion Summit Enters Countdown

The talented science and technology event of the group

Since the 21st century, global technological innovation has been unprecedentedly active. A new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence, quantum information, mobile communications, Internet of Things, and blockchain accelerates breakthrough applications. A new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is reshaping the global innovation landscape and reshaping the global economic structure.

This conference will be a science and technology innovation event under the leadership of the First Group, which is an exchange discussion between enterprises to open the “gate of the future” with technological innovation. The conference will focus on the current hot issues of technological innovation, such as smart cities, smart travel, cloud data, smart life, smart home and so on. It aims to integrate scientific and technological innovation industry resources through exhibition exchanges, keynote speeches, forum discussions, etc.Develop trends and share innovations.

In order to create a good atmosphere for discussion and discussion in this conference, the First Group will be selected for the National Convention Center. The venue has a participating exhibition area for participating companies to display the brand and the latest technological innovations. In the main event venue, the conference will feature keynote speeches and roundtable forums, so that the participating guests can give speeches and collide with technological innovations. Let enterprises better grasp the opportunities of technological innovation and promote the development of industry and enterprises.

The conference endorses the most leading companies and leading experts, scholars and entrepreneurs.

As of the date of publication, the conference has included smart cities, big data, cloud computing, 5G networks, and the Internet of Things, including Huawei, Siemens, Baidu, Tencent, Jinshanyun, Xiaomi, and Ziguang IOT. Hundreds of heavyweight companies in various fields such as artificial intelligence and smart home participated. On the morning of the same day, after the opening and introduction of the organizers, Zheng Jianhua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shi Jianhua, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Association, will focus on “Network Security and Smart City”, “Intelligent Networked Vehicles and Smart Transportation”. Give a speech.

In the afternoon, Tao Hai, Chairman of Wen’an Intelligent, Zhang Long, President of Blue Arrow Aerospace, Pan Zhuting, Senior Vice President of Yongxin Zhicheng, Yu Wei, KPMG’s Government Consulting Services Partner, Vice President Jin Shanyun, and Yuan Xiaolong, General Manager of AioT Business Unit Speaking on the issue of smart city construction. In addition, representatives of participating companies will also hold round-table discussions on the theme of “Technology Innovation Leads and Transforms Urban Development” and “Future Life Imagination”.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the First Group will also participate in all conferences with all of its industrial sector companies. At that time, more than 100 industry head enterprises gathered together to witness the innovation and integration of science and technology in the field of science and technology, including the Beijing Daily, Xinhuanet, Guangming.com and more than 50 authoritative media. Capture future technological directions and business opportunities, and quickly reshape the economic growth pattern of enterprises.

Huizhong Zhimou Future, 2019 Technology Innovation Fusion Summit Enters Countdown

Leading the future with technological innovation

This conference is also worthy of attention as the first high-tech brand conference. China’s economy is a national strategy, and insisting on high-tech innovation to lead economic development, promote the development of the integrated circuit industry, and support economic transformation is a national security. The mission of the first high-tech division is consistent with the national strategy.

The first high-tech company is committed to creating good hardware facilities for high-tech software services. At present, the first high-tech companies are aiming at the full life cycle of enterprises in the field of science and technology.The development of urban science and technology innovation industry growth demand, to create innovation-driven professional incubators, technology parks and industrial towns. The first high-tech company hopes to realize the integration of the innovation chain, the industrial chain and the value chain through the market-oriented operation mode, and finally improve the industrial ecosystem to promote regional industrial upgrading and economic development, and help the Chinese economy to “deviate from reality”.

This is precisely the first mission of the high-tech enterprise. It is the first initiative to build a nest for the high-tech. In order to make the technological innovation enterprises grow better, the first high-tech company has established an “incubation accelerator-professional park-industry.” The new town’s technology industry cultivation chain solves various problems encountered in the development of science and technology innovation enterprises, and provides all-round services for science and technology innovation enterprises.

Technology innovation is changing with each passing day. China’s 572 smart cities that are being implemented have their own top-level design plans. The global technological innovations are also endless. Therefore, there is no change in the field of technological innovation services. The first high-tech enterprises also need to strengthen and technological innovation. Inter-enterprise contacts, draw on the experience of technology innovation industry, and fully listen to their voices, evolve themselves in the ever-evolving trend of technological innovation, and keep abreast of the trend of the times.

At this conference, in addition to introducing its own industrial layout and development strategy, the company will discuss with the on-site big coffee the leading and transformation of technological innovation for urban development, and listen to suggestions for the future product and service optimization. The first high-tech company is willing to join hands with partners in various fields to join the tide of technology and wisdom sharing, and explore the way for technology companies to respond under the new normal.

The conference on August 13 is only the starting point for the integration of science and technology innovation. In the future, the conference will be held once a year to create a platform for innovation and integration of industry and form a super-IP for the technology industry think tank. The Capital Group will actively integrate industrial resources in the era of China’s intellectual growth, share innovations, and become a support for technological innovation to improve overall national strength.

The current activities are open to the public, and the first high-tech guests welcome entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors in the science and technology field, as well as guests from all walks of life who are interested in the technology innovation industry. Http://api.gfnds.51data.com.cn/future/shouchuang