The number of MCN institutions that have settled in the fast has exceeded 800. In order to build a good content ecosystem, the fast-track has introduced a hierarchical system to filter content and promote MCN growth.

Recently, according to the short video workshop report, the fast-handed grading support for the MCN organization and the publication of specific grading standards.

Among them, the fast-handed MCN organization is divided into four levels: S strategic level, A core level, B content level and C entry level, and based on the month, based on “quality account number, account number Six indicators including total fan volume, total volume of publications, total broadcast volume, total number of powders, and number of per capita video releases were evaluated.

For MCN, the threshold for entering the lowest level (C level) is not high, satisfying three indicators – has 3 quality accounts, 30 documents per month, 10 videos released to become C Enter the level agency. Starting from the B level, it is required to start to go higher. The six indicators are fully evaluated, and the difference between the total number of fans and the total amount of play is obvious. The total number of fans at the B~S level is required to reach 1 million, 3 million, and 5 million, respectively, and the total broadcast volume is required to reach 5 million, 10 million, and 20 million.

Different levels of MCN institutions receive different rights. The quick hand has prepared 14 rights for the MCN organization. The higher the level of institutions, the more rights they can earn (see the table below). There are six basic interests that all organizations can enjoy, and others are different depending on the level of interest.

The front line| The fast hand gives the resident MCN four levels, and the

Different levels of MCN institutions enjoy different interests

It’s important to note that the highest level of S-strategic organizations can enjoy public billing rights. The so-called “public settlement authority” mainly refers to the income of the agency’s anchor and the person who gets the income directly into the institutional account, and then sent to the individual by the MCN organization. This directly guarantees the rights and interests of the organization. Because it was originally sent to personal account, and then distributed to the institution by the person, if the person lacks the spirit of contract, the income of the organization is more difficult to guarantee.

It is understood that this grading standard will be implemented from August, based on the July comprehensive data rating. In other words, the support for the month is based on the previous one.Monthly rating. Moreover, this standard is not fixed and will be updated regularly.

Visible, the fast-handed operation of the MCN organization is becoming more and more refined, and more attention is paid to the high-quality content supply of the MCN organization.

However, the cooperation between the fast hand and the MCN organization is regarded as a “post-entertainment” in the industry. In the past, although many MCN institutions have settled in the fast, they are no different from the ordinary amateurs, and they have not been subjected to the special “courtesy” of the fast hand. It was not until July last year that the “quick MCN cooperation plan” was changed. However, this cooperation is basically up to date. There is not much intervention in the operation.

Until the last two months, the fast hands frequently interacted with MCN and gave support. At the end of June, the fast-handed special organizes a closed-door exchange meeting for creators of MCN institutions; in early July, it launched a “fast growth plan” to help MCN institutions, and provided a subsidy of tens of billions of traffic; on July 23, at the fast-light photosynthetic creators conference. It is proposed to subdivide the “fast growth plan” into “step flow support”, “co-creation IP” and “regional creator alliance”. It is necessary to provide a billion-dollar flow ladder to support MCN institutions and provide one billion special flows to support ten million. Level IP account, and create a creator alliance in ten key regions across the country, and cooperate with the regional head MCN organization to conduct training.

The introduction of this grading standard is a further refinement of cooperation matters. It is reported that at the end of July 2019, there were more than 800 MCN institutions in the fast-track, and covered most of the industry’s head institutions. Moreover, at the Photosynthetic Creator Conference, said that it is expected to reach cooperation with more than 2,000 institutions during the year.

There is a huge amount of cooperation, and naturally requires a filtering mechanism to ensure the quality and ecological health of the platform content, so that the fast hand becomes a gathering place for high-quality content, and can be a large-scale liquidation plate; for the MCN organization It is also an incentive and promotion, the organization will be more refined and professional operation content, do well management, IP incubation, and get more benefits. Thus, a cooperative relationship between the platform and the MCN organization can be formed.

In May of this year, the fast-handed day broke through 200 million, and Suhua proposed the goal of breaking DAU by 300 million at the end of the year. At the same time, the fast-handed also proposed to achieve the goal of 15 billion commercialization in 2019 (new marketing business revenue target). All of this requires quick hands to hold more quality content, to circle users, and embracing MCN is an effective way to reach the goal quickly.