This industry needs someone to tell them what music is good, and let the people of the entire music industry go from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, and make up the waist to make money. No doubt, CMA is doing something like this.

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When the Hedgehog band won the third CMA annual band, Zijian was a little excited. He held the stone gong to the podium. “Thanks for so many years, we finally found the way home.” Shi Jie said Thanks to the audience, the son built up next to the corner of his mouth, whispered, “This is the summer of rock and roll.”

Song Ke Xu Yi and

CMA gave the annual band to the hedgehog, which many people did not expect. The competitors nominated by them on the same stage are no shortage of rock-and-roll guns such as Maydays and tour groups, as well as rookies such as Sunset Speedway and Lu Xiansen.

To this end, the reasons given by CMA are as follows: the use of creation to express music ideals and spiritual pursuits, clear-cut attitude, conceptual fit, ability matching, performance and tacit understanding, showing a unique music style and strong band scene charm.

What is also surprising is that Rocket Girl 101, the reason why the best combination of women’s groups won, CMA also made a systematic summary, “with the tacit cooperation, inspire excellence beyond the individual Performance, excellent member ability and personal characteristics, music is unique, unique on-site appeal and strong market influence.”

Song Ke Xu Yi and

The nine-player real-life performance “Mo Douyan” {p> explains the reasons for each award to establish the industry’s evaluation criteria, which is characteristic of CMA. In addition, CMA has set up many awards around the music industry system, and many sound engineers, mixers, electronic soundtracks and music directors can also receive awards with star singers.

Although only three years have been established, CMAThere is no doubt that a standard has been established in the industry.

There are only two trophies in the office of the award-winning Jay Chou Agency in the Chinese music scene, one of which is CMA; Li Zongsheng, who is the “big brother” in the music world, also served as a consultant for the jury in the year of the squad, and wrote the 4D initiative. The book tries to establish an industry standard through CMA; Pink Floyd, a well-known rock band overseas, also opened the authorization of his song to CMA to show respect…

Tsai Chin also came to the scene. As the initiator of the Taiwan Golden Melody Award, she knows how difficult it is to have a standard, standard and influential music award. She is attracted to the presence of Xu Yi, Chairman of the CMA Jury. Talk:

“We want to be a prize-winning prize.” Song Ke Xu Yi

01. Song Ke Xu Yi, “Love and Kill”

After the star-studded awards ceremony, it was exhaustion and hardship.

A few weeks before the start of the CMA Awards Ceremony, Xu Yi frequently talked with Song Ketong. The content of each of them was almost the same, and it was nothing more than the CMA. The form of chat was also incomprehensible. Complain each other and then encourage each other.

“In the third year, we can no longer rely on everyone to make a grand event. Everything depends on feelings and hardships. We must work hard to complete the permanent establishment. The stage of CMA is different.” Tell Song Ke. In this regard, Song Ke’s reply is also very straightforward. “First, let’s finish this year. Who can do it without you?”

For the CMA, Xu Yi was too tired.

Before the interview, Xu Yigang ended a two-hour conference call, and his face was full of fatigue. After seeing the reporter, I also lost some chills, but sat quietly in the chair and rested for a while.

As the chairman of the CMA jury, from the review to the selection, from the statistical results to the supervision of the winners list, Xu Yi participates in every aspect, thinking about the progress of those steps to better enable the CMA mechanism to achieve the goal, worry about which The details will not be perfected if they are not left behind, and there will be no details.

After more than a month ago, Li Zongsheng sat in the Taihe Music Office in Sanlitun and told Xu Yi, “Xiao Xu, you are so life-blowing, who else can do this in this line, you have to have a permanent organization, there is The team does the daily work. Otherwise, I am worried that this (CMA) will not continue.”

Xu Yi is helpless, not wanting to, but having a permanent institution itself requires considerable time and conditions to build At present, CMA is basically insisted on by the personnel obligation of the industry. In the case that the daily work has been extremely heavy, more and more volunteers are hard to sustain, lack of energy, and war between heaven and earth. It is also difficult to find the successor of the jury chairman.

“First of all, it is difficult to find such an influential person in the industry, and there is no conflict of interest in the judgment. In that year, I chose because I happened to leave SONY music, and my identity is relatively simple. Then there is this highly demanding professional work. It takes half a year to be rigorous and rigorous, and the huge and tiring investment… hard work, no fixed work team, no compensation, everything is really in distress. So we must change This lack.”

Every time I am anxious, Xu Yi looks for Song Ke to confess. Song Ke always plays a group of rivers and lakes, and laughs and persuades them. There are even times when Xu Yi finds Song Ke often unable to find someone.

Over time, the relationship between the two sides is now subtle. Song Ke likened this relationship to the stage of the cold war between two lovers. They couldn’t stand each other and couldn’t leave each other. “I can’t stand him complaining, he can’t stand this big.” But we respect it. The other party knows who CMA can’t do today, and knows that each other is down-to-earth and wants to do something for this industry.”

Maybe, compared to GMA (Golden Melody Award), AMA (American Music Award) and BMA (Billboard Music Award), CMA (Singing Music Award) is far from being widely known.

CMA (CMIC Music Award) is the “China’s first music award initiated by the Record Industry Association”. Its sponsors are many of the senior Chinese music industry seniors Song Ke, Xu Yi, Li Zongsheng and Shen Lihui, etc. It is composed of predecessors and cutting-edges in the music industry. The award is dedicated to creating the most credible awards in the Chinese music industry, with reference to the Grammy Awards, and the genre style is broadly covered and reviewed by industry associations.

Song Ke Xu Yi and

The long-term opaque review status has made many record companies and artists full of distrust of the Chinese music awards.

After the awards, many artists in the stage have already known the awards. If the unsuccessful “sportsman” is often unable to stand because of his face, he will not attend. Even some organizers originally wanted to award this award to an artist. As a result, they learned that the other party had directly changed the list of winners after participating in the schedule.

“We want to make a clean award, not only to judge fairness, but also to establish an industry standard and to explain why we should give this award to him.”

As a non-profit organization, CMA There is not much income every year, but the funds are tight.In the case, in order to ensure the fairness of the judging process, the PwC of the UK, which is the head of the Big Four accounting firms, was still invited to notarize each link.

In the specific review, the Singing Work Committee Music Awards established a unique “Trade Union Award + College Award” award model. The 174 member units currently owned by the Singing Committee almost cover domestic large-scale record companies and music labels, and they voted for the shortlist.

In the final evaluation stage, Xu Yi served as the chairman of the jury and invited nine senior and new people in the industry to serve as the convener of the jury. Each of them invited 10 different music industry peers, including The 100 industry jury including the chairman, under the continuous promotion of the chief adviser of the jury, Li Zongsheng, 101 jury members to carry out the work of industry standards, and finally selected the winners.

Specific and strict? Every year, Xu Yi’s 10 industry review lists are kept confidential, and even Song Ke, who is the initiator of the award, is not clear.

“I said when I was working with the old Xu, but I asked the judging section. As a result, he really didn’t give me any news, and I didn’t even let me see the jury members.” Song Ke recalled, “I heard once. Li Zongsheng’s eldest brother came to Beijing. I am not a brother (Xu Yi). I will let my brother and I have a cup of coffee to talk about it. The result will not work, and I will not let me mix.”

Xu Yi remembers that at the moment before the first ceremony of the 2017 Singing Work Committee Music Awards, an artist came to the scene with his makeup. Before entering the game, the artist quietly asked Xu Yi if he had any prizes to take. If you don’t tell, you won’t go in…

And in the first CMA, there are also many record company owners who have found Song Ke and asked if they can give their artists an award. “You can’t give the best male singer. Can you talk to a best pop singer? You hint that if you can win, I will arrange an artist to give you a place.”

“First, I really don’t know, I can’t open this mouth. If the CMA announced five nominations, the result is that only the person who won the prize is coming. What’s the point? There is no sense of glory, no special enthusiasm.”

The result was that the people who received the awards at the first CMA Awards Ceremony were mostly artists’ assistants, family members, and even the seats were not filled. But it is also under the resignation of Xu Yi, the second and third CMA, more and more artists began to recognize this award.

“The more people talk about the hurt, the more harm the principle hurts.” Xu Yi told the entertainment capital theory matrix pufferfish (ID: hetunwenlv), once he was meeting with Jay Chou’s agent, unintentionally I saw two rows of trophies in his office., Golden Melody Award and CMA Singing Committee Music Award.

Song Ke Xu Yi and “The other party told me that Jayen likes this award very much. Last year, Jay Chou’s “The Bedside Story of Jay Chou” won four awards, one of which was “Best Music Video”. Our jury put him in Several movie techniques used in the MV have been mentioned, so the judging is really a comment. Jay is very happy for this, because if the judging is a friend, it will certainly be convincing. This is the weight of the prize.”

CMA’s “Pen” has been saved.

03.Where is CMA difficult?

“Poor, busy, chaotic” This is a problem that has to be faced behind the scenes of the CMA awards ceremony.

When the music industry did not organize its own standards, many of the foundations available for advancement would be in chaos, and people would not be able to follow standards.

The problem first came from the inside. The purpose of one of the CMA was to establish a quantifiable standard for the music award. For this reason, Li Zongsheng wrote the Wanzi report and submitted it to Xu Yi, but the actual implementation was difficult.

“Not every review, his language and writing skills are good. Everyone can hear it well or not, but it is difficult to extend the description of the emotional and technical experience in music into a professional description.”

At the same time, because the CMA award nomination was voted by the member units, Xu Yi experienced a ridiculous thing in the initial review. A small record company took 90 light music to nominate the best. Female singer award. As a result, when the CMA staff and the PwC monitored each capital, they found that no one sang.

“I was mad at the time, then called to ask why I did this, and the other party replied, our company is small, but the loser can not lose.”

Even when the record company voted, no After careful or systematic discussion and review within the company. The situation of direct investment by the company’s front desk has occurred…

These seemingly trivial things represent the fairness and professionalism of the CMA, and they also bring a huge amount of work to the people who are in short supply. Xu Yi does not have anything. All the details must be questioned and resolved. Always call the boss of the member unit personally, please be strict and positive.

Because the CMA does not currently have a resident agency, many staff members are volunteers. So often before the convening, Xu Yi was temporarily looking for Taihe’s staff to help, and Song Ke’s old friends from Ali’s entertainment came together to help. When I have a lot of work, I often get busy until the early hours, but I don’t have a reward.

Song Ke Xu Yihe