The visionaries are steady, and the steady ones are far away.

After only one year, the primary market has completed the rapid switching of investment styles, rooted in the industry, integrated resources, and created value to become the main theme of capital, and the new investment era is coming.

Industrial barbarism is no longer growing, investment certainty failure, this is the winter of adventurers, but the spring of visionaries. The enterprise side is more down-to-earth, and the phenomenon of follow-up entrepreneurship has been greatly reduced. The head company has obtained continuous financing and injection to accelerate the integration of the industry; the capital side has started to tide over the sand, and the investment institutions have been sinking and striving to focus on the mature enterprises with higher certainty.

September 17-18, the 2019 China Investor Future Summit will be held in Shenzhen, and the heads and entrepreneurial leaders of nearly 100 mainstream investment institutions will be invited to focus on industry, enterprise services, smart manufacturing, sea, medical, and labor. Intelligent, brand consumption, education, real estate and home, the pet market’s top ten potential development opportunities, from the industry front-end Nuggets winds dividends. Exploring the adjustment period of the Internet midfield, and quickly breaking through the core track and enterprises, how to use capital to open up new markets and build a moat.

During the event, based on industry surveys, data analysis, and long-term follow-up observations in the primary market, the two core series of “36under36” and “China’s most popular entrepreneurs” will be released, and 36 will be selected. Amazing investors under the age of 36, investors who are most popular with entrepreneurs, and investment institutions that are most popular with entrepreneurs, help entrepreneurs discover the industry’s most global vision, market foresight, industry insight and strategic execution capabilities. By.

Before 2018, the venture capital market experienced a series of ups and downs in the tide of double innovation, the rise of new economic enterprises, and the deepening of technological scenes; in 2018, the new regulations of capital management, the industry entered a turning point, the market From madness to calmness; into 2019, the entire market began to re-find and explore the direction, both capital and asset, have produced many new changes.

-Differentiation and Reconstruction

After the implementation of the new asset management regulations, the liquidity of investment institutions has been greatly intercepted, and “funding difficulties” has become a common phenomenon in the industry. In 2018, the completion rate was less than 60% from the fundraising amount. The VC/PE industry fundraising showed the Matthew effect, and the small and medium-sized funds faced a major fund-raising gap. The white paper “The 2018 VC / PE Performance Test and the Parent Fund Strategy” released shows that the average fundraising scale of the head office reached about 870 million yuan when the average fundraising scale in the market was 289 million yuan in 2018.

The tide retreats, and the open source and thrifty industries are pushing the industry to pay more attention to efficiency and baggage. On the one hand, investment institutions are accelerating to withdraw from the return of funds to keep cold; on the other hand, the continuous decline in risk appetite in the primary market will also squeeze more financing needs of enterprises. Out of the secondary market, a large number of enterprises rushed to overseas IPOs, but the differences in corporate qualifications, fluctuations in the world economic environment and their own defense barriersThe reasons for not being stable enough have also brought new problems for enterprises to break.

Either investment institutions or start-ups, in the context of market adjustment and the downward trend of upstream capital risk appetite, have been introduced to face the risk exposure, the market hands reshuffle, the industry pattern is reconstructed, the real strong Start integrating resources and reshaping the industrial chain.

-Vertical Focus

Platform-type enterprises are still the development goals of many enterprises. However, in the context of the continuous integration of resource flows, the resources mastered by large enterprises are forming strong self-reinforcing capabilities. For the rising star, the opportunity comes more from the new track or the vertical field. It is necessary to make full use of its own comparative advantages to deepen the differentiated demand and accumulate the first-mover advantage for the subsequent market explosion.

For investment institutions, platform-based institutions have improved their layout in the entire industry chain, comprehensive development in multiple fields, stronger investment management and risk prevention capabilities, and larger management capital. Many start-up organizations are more inclined to the layout of the track, focusing on the vertical field, the capital scale is relatively small, but more focus also allows them to capture the opportunity more powerful, according to the first half of the industry’s dark horse agency performance research, 2018 head The average return multiple of the dark horse agency is 2.88 times.

-Ready to wait

Under the tide of dual innovation, the VC/PE investment rhythm has accelerated since 2014, and the investment volume has grown strongly. This trend has continued into the first half of 2018. However, since the second half of 2018, the investment rhythm of nearly 70% of investment institutions has slowed down noticeably. Small and medium-sized funds are particularly obvious, and the industry has entered a period of stagnation. In order to seek stability, the industry as a whole sinks and sinks, mature companies and companies that practice innovation receive more attention. Capital is more cautious and rational when investing, deeper into the industry, and more resources empowerment for innovative companies. New cycle power.

The turn of winter and spring, at the beginning of the cycle, for the “adventurer” of betting probability theory, this is undoubtedly the unpredictable harsh winter, but for those who are reluctant to recharge, judge the situation, and steadily, This is an inflection point and opportunity that has long been foreseen. They will seize the opportunity in the new round of market dividends and create a “new golden age” of deep integration of new capital, new assets and new information.

2019 China Investors Future Summit hopes to create a platform for forward-looking investment institutions and entrepreneurs to “see the future ahead of time”, which will bring:

  • Foresight to understand the opportunities of the top ten new economic fields

Industry, corporate services, smart manufacturing, shipping, medical, artificial intelligence, brand consumption, education, real estate, and pet markets.

  • Two heavyweight IPs, focusing on the frontiers of the times

“36under36” series – 36 great investors under the age of 36

“China’s Most Entrepreneur Welcome” series – China’s most entrepreneurial investors welcome investors TOP100; China’s most entrepreneurs welcome investment institutions TOP100

  • The awards ceremony, enter the core venture capital circle

People: gathering leaders and active entrepreneurs in the venture capital circle

Insight: Sharing the secrets of venture capital and exploring industry trends

Win-win: Meet future partners and seize new opportunities

Meeting time: September 17-18, 2019

Location: Shenzhen Pengrui Raffles Hotel

Business cooperation:

Media cooperation:

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The golden age of the visionary