The emergence of the 2017 small program, with the light form of “no need to install, run out”, quickly solve the actual needs of users, and began to become the core leader of the second half of the mobile Internet.

In the two years of the development of the small program, “Knowing the Cloud” also fulfilled his commitment to “provide the best solution for small program customers.” We offer a Serverless serviceless architecture that helps tens of thousands of developers launch their small programs quickly and effortlessly. At the same time, thanks to the recognition of the industry, we also have the opportunity to cooperate with Hilton, Merlin Entertainment, Disney and other international groups to produce a number of benchmark solutions based on small programs and applicable to industry scenarios, helping corporate customers achieve business. A new round of growth.

From providing basic development tools and services to providing complete solutions for the industry. We have been through it for two full years. As of 8 o’clock today, we have served more than 80,000 small programs, more than 50,000 developers, and hundreds of companies. Now let’s see what small programs they are all on, how they work.

Merlin Magic Tour: Digging into the needs of the industry and creating a benchmark case

The Merlin Group operates more than 100 venues and attractions in 22 countries and territories on four continents. In order to provide better services to Chinese tourists, they conducted nearly one year of investigations and research, visited the official WeChat team for discussion, and finally established a cooperative relationship with us.

After a careful examination of the current situation of the Merlin Park, we found that the user’s poor reach, the difficulty of the park’s diversion, and the complicated payment process are the main difficulties facing the park, and these can be solved perfectly through small programs: the indoor positioning technology that knows the cloud. The real-time location of the customer can be obtained, and the push service can push the message to the customer in real time. The combination of the two means that the park staff can push customized guidance messages for customers according to the current activities in the park and the flow of passengers. The ability to know the cross-border payment ability of the cloud provides visitors with a better consumer experience, regardless of the tax rate, and the consumption rate is rising.

At present, Merlin is centered on the small program “Merlin Magic Tour” and combines three overseas attractions such as Bangkok Ocean Park in Thailand, Legoland in Japan and Sydney Tower in Australia. The first batch of official small program matrices was built. Provide users with online ticketing (cross-border payment), venue interaction (indoor navigation, offline games, etc.), interactive lottery and other services.

▲Merlin Magic Tour Apple

These are the solutions used in this applet:

  • Know the push
    The online visualization operation and the easy integration of the business system can push the template message push service of the whole platform with one click.
  • iBeacon indoor and outdoor positioning navigation
    Far beyond the international standard, the indoor positioning accuracy is within 2 meters of LBS service.
  • Small e-commerce
    SaaS e-commerce applet that can be used even if it is not used for development.
  • Cross-border payments
    Know the cloud’s built-in cross-border collection support, just submit the application to access, and easily complete the business.
  • Small game solutions
    Easily implement small games with the core components provided by Cloud.

If you want to know more, you can add Xiaoxiaoyun WeChat (minsupport3) to contact us.

Drama: Serverless no service architecture, let you change the full stack engineer

“Play” is a line of subtitle puzzle generators that can help you preserve the beautiful moments of emotional resonance in the movie. It’s hard to imagine that this excellent product is designed and operated by only one person.


I started to understand the “play”:

For a piece of software, the features it can express are the key. What the user chooses is the functionality it provides, not how advanced the language or technical framework is. The front and back need to care, only efficiency. I redesigned and optimized the interface and function of the whole “drama”, and needed to realize the storage, display and other related data statistics of the two dynamic contents of the feature article and the momentary puzzle. It was originally estimated that it would take about half a year to start setting up the server from the beginning, but actually spent only two months of spare time. Thanks to knowing the powerful back-end capabilities provided by the cloud, I don’t have to worry about the back-end troubles, just pay attention to business logic.

—— The lyricist 牧台

The author of the drama, Shepherd, is one of our earliest users. I know that there are many personal developers like him on the cloud. Based on the interests and hobbies, we have implemented many excellent small programs based on the basic services we provide. .

  • Lightweight SDK
    With easy-to-understand access and guidance, you can quickly access even without development experience
  • Trigger Engine
    Trigger different actions based on specified events to help you more easily implement business logic.
  • Cloud function
    Used to implementCRUD can’t make business logic, such as complex permission control, sweepstakes, offline calculations, data analysis, and more. Still only need to write JS code, everything else is given to know the cloud.
  • Out of box ability to pay
    Strong payment management system, fast access to WeChat, Alipay payment.

All development tools for developers revolve around our original intention: “Reducing the development threshold of small programs, improving the development efficiency of small programs, and letting developers not make repeated wheels.” I sincerely hope that you can develop more excellent products.

Sugar paper: full platform coverage, full platform access

“Sugar Paper” is a new community of interest-oriented community created by Ai Faner. It is a decentralized forum that connects users and producers with good product specifications with products and content. It has now entered a stage of full expansion, expanding its business to every corner of the Internet.

Starting with a small program and quickly verifying the business model is the best practice at the beginning of the small program era.

Now, more than two years have passed since the time of expansion, and the service needs to be output on more platforms. At the end of 2018, we launched a full platform plan. Based on the WeChat applet, we have fully supported Alipay applets, QQ applets, Web sites, Android, iOS and other mainstream platforms. On these different platforms, user identities are automatically merged and unified; template message push and notification message push are all open. Really can do itOne-stop output full-platform service, one-stop access to users of all channels.

In the future, we will continue to expand platforms that are not yet supported, so that your business map has no dead ends.

The few small programs just mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg of cloud services. Some of them are mature products, and some are still in the high-speed development stage. Some are still in the seed stage. Thoughtful, we offer discount packages for different sizes based on the different usage requirements of the product life cycle. You can upgrade your package after the product reaches a certain level and enjoy the best service at the lowest price.

We even even launched the educational package (0.3 yuan / day) in May last year. If you are a student or a teaching and research institution, you can apply for free use. The application program has now helped nearly 100 students complete their study, research, and entrepreneurship programs.

What we want to do is make development easier, and everyone can have their own applications. I know that the cloud has been on this road for two years. In the future, we will go with everyone, go further and further, and get higher and higher. Wishing to know the 2nd anniversary of the cloud!

——Product Manager Xiao Liu who was not killed last year

Welfare time

The next step is to know the cloud 2 anniversary benefit time and send it to your hand (click Read the original to view the event details)

  • Inviting events to upgrade, you can get a $30 coupon $88 coupon for each new user.
    Event time: 2019/08/08 – 2019/08/31
  • Annual Package, Template Message Resource Pack 1 Discounted purchase.
    Activity time: 2019/08/09 – 2019/08/13 Daily 0:00 to 12:00
  • All New Year’s Packages will be discounted by 60% on the original discount. The maximum discount is as low as 30%. If you go through it, you will miss it. If you buy it, you will earn it.
    Activity time: 2019/08/13 – 2019/08/20

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