“Loving the World” is an upgrade of the strategy of the Agile Travel and Tourism, and a new reflection on the relationship between “production, city, people and literature”.

On August 3rd, Agile Property held an IP launch and new product launch conference for the Agile “Live in the World” in Beijing. Agile Real Estate officially launched the Group’s new “Large Travel” industry IP “Live World”. According to reports, “Luohuo Tiandi” consists of three series of “Lecolor, Music, and Music” products representing “ecological tourism, leisure sports, and healthy retirement”.

Agile Property has a multi-project release of the IP industry industry

The “Live of the World” LOGO launch ceremony. Source: Enterprise Provided

Among them, “Le Cai” focuses on building a family vacation eco-environment circle and a full-day and full-time all-encompassing travel eco-sphere. The facilities cover the international parent-child camp, the four-season heated water park, and the new experiential commercial and high-end vacation. The hotel clusters to create a full-age eco resort.

“Lok” is positioned to create a short-distance sports destination in the city. “Lok” focuses on developing a new map of China’s sports tourism. It will plan the world’s top racing stadiums, luxury yacht clubs, international football camps, future sports complexes, etc. In the future, it will be able to hold table tennis championship training and enjoy super events.

And “Le Yang”, as the first health care product of Agile Property, is equipped with professional doctors to provide accurate medical services, providing rehabilitation services for the elderly, providing health management services for mothers and children, and international ageing Anti-aging services, etc., is committed to building a leading-edge technology health service platform.

Under the strategic transformation of “Winglv+”, Agile’s “Live World” product lines have been deployed in Weihai, Shandong, Guangxi Beihai, Tianjin Baodi, Fujian Zhangpu, Henan Zhengzhou and other places. project. The Shandong Weihai Champion Sports Town Project is positioned as China’s first sports ecological demonstration zone and a 37° north latitude sports eco-integration town. The project will continue to introduce sports industry resources based on the superior natural resources and climatic conditions of the region, create a “1+4+1” industrial system, and build a sports industry ecosystem with all seasons, all ages, all-weather, and full-service; Thousands of acres of cultural tourism large-scale Yajule Golden Bay will integrate 3,000 acres of mangroves, thousand acres of wetland parks, 8KM first-line native beaches, 3.8KM Seas Canal and other natural landscapes, bringing together 170,000 square Haisi Water Park, Hilton Hotel, Binhe Fengqing Commercial Street, etc. Top-level holiday packages, forming a high-end holiday experience with the sea “forest” distance and waterfront; Tianjin Baoji Jinqiao International Town around “Overseas entrepreneurship, overseas Chinese activities