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Grab the students who bought the coupons upstairs to select the recommended price: Yibao Pure water volume 555ml*12 bottles * 2 pieces

[Suning] robbed the students who bought the upstairs ticket to pick up the recommended price:
Yibao pure water volume 555ml *12 bottles*2 pieces, 20-8 coupons after 21.8: https://sugs.

Six Gods Shower Gel 750ml two bottle set, after 30-15 coupons 16.9:

Xiangmanyuan delicious rich and powerful powder 5kg*2 pieces, after 2-15 vouchers 24.8 :

White cat lemon black tea detergent 1500g*2 pieces, 20-8 coupons after 12: https ://

Blue Moon Deep Cleansing Care Laundry Liquid 500g*3 pieces, 12-5 coupons after 11.2: https://sugs.suning. Com/BJvMFXXv

Guangming Organic Pure Milk 200ml×12 boxes, 30-15 coupons after 24.9:

Mongolian sour milk nutritional fortified milk flavor original 250ml*24 box, 30-15 coupon 18 packs