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Milk tea sister takes a photo

But, relying on the Internet, the “Feng Jie” who walked out of his own small village is different.

In the streets of Shanghai in 2009, a girl with a short stature who did not meet the public aesthetics distributed her marriage notice.

The declaration on the notice is very eye-catching: “You must graduate from Peking University, Tsinghua University or a foreign famous school; you must have an international vision; you must be registered in the coastal area or Beijing, Tianjin, etc.; height 173-183, the more handsome the better .”

She said that she “has been a group of books since the age of 9 and reached the peak at the age of 20, and 300 years after the first 300 years of IQ, no one can study economic books, “Friends”, “Story”, etc. Humanities and social science books.”

In fact, she is 145 cm tall, looks ordinary, graduated from college, and has a poor family. It can be said that God set her destiny to the hard mode, she took the initiative to find @杨军 (planning the fairy sister) to speculate himself.

Yang Jun’s company also accepted it and shaped the role of “Feng Jie”. The company helped her write a good advertisement for the marriage. When posting, she chose a website with a wide social influence such as Maopu and Tianya. And I continue to post, repost, reply to maintain the heat, and slowly guide the netizens to repost themselves, so that the “Fengjie” marriage posts appear in the news section of the major portals.

Afterwards, the massive follow-up of traditional media has realized the successful realization of “Fengjie”. Jiangsu Satellite TV’s “Human” column quickly asked her to do a show after the fire of “Fengjie”. It was once again a social topic because of its dramatic and controversial nature.

At the same time, “Fengjie” continued to realize in the heat by receiving advertisements such as dressing and wedding dresses.

So, the realization of the initial network red is mostly following such a logic: entering the forum, BBS, social networking sites, portals and community reports – traditional media follow-up, large-scale follow-up reports – formed in society Popularity, winning the attention of advertisers.

@李佳琦, this is a BA of L’Oreal counters. In the “BA Network Redemption” project of L’Oreal and MCN Company ONE, Li Jiaqi stood out and became a Taobao e-commerce anchor.

2018 double eleven, @李佳琦 and Ma Yun PK live selling lipstick, sold 15,000 in 5 minutes, while killing Ma Yun, the record has not been broken.

But @李佳琦 Really fired up, it was in December last year. @李佳琦 The boss of the Taobao live broadcast @赵圆圆 Help: Other anchors have to catch up, @李佳琦 How to break through?

@赵圆圆 gave Li Jiaqi a team to make a move: Li Jiaqi’s positioning should be “global network red”, should let him shake the voice ring powder to expand the influence, and then bring the traffic from the outside to the live room to realize .

Maybe @赵圆圆 I can’t think of it. In just half a year, @李佳琦 is in the vibrating ring powder of 27 million, and Taobao fans have increased by 5 times.

as Taobao live “one brother” and “one sister”, @李佳琦 and @薇娅 will inevitably have a “positive exchange of fire.” In a live broadcast some time ago, Li Jiaqi was angry in the live broadcast.

“Buy the fans who just got the baby and return all of them immediately, all of them are bad reviews. It’s true that my fans listen to me.” The live broadcast, with the “Baique Gift Box.” The reason for the anger is that fans question:

“Why is it cheaper to sell it?” “There is a coupon for 5 yuan in the live broadcast of Weiya. There is no such thing here.”

This time the live broadcast, the brand did not give Li Jiaqi the lowest price of the whole network. For the owner of the goods, the “lowest price of the whole network” is a symbol of identity, which allows fans to follow them with sorrow. Have the trust and support of fans