The best business with praise is to help merchants build WeChat Mall, and based on the public number and other carriers, help merchants operate private domain traffic and increase customer unit price.

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Baidu strategic investment has praise, and wants to expand e-commerce service capabilities through small programs

Small program as the last incremental opportunity of the mobile Internet, Baidu does not want to miss.

On August 8, Baidu invested a total of 30 million US dollars in transaction price, and provided a full range of strategic support through the “resource + capital” model. In fact, at the AI ​​Developers Conference held a month ago, Baidu Senior Vice President Shen Shake once announced that he would join forces with Zhuang to create “Baidu Smart Small Program Direct E-commerce Solution”.

The likes listed in Hong Kong were once called “the first stock of WeChat.” In the past few years, the most outstanding business has been to help merchants build WeChat Mall, and based on the public number, small programs, WeChat group and other carriers, to help businesses operate private domain traffic, increase customer unit prices. Therefore, there are praises in the trading ability and order processing, which have been verified in the WeChat applet ecosystem. Baidu has a lot of praise, and it is exactly this.

Baidu’s value has always been in brand display and clues. What Baidu is more eager to do is to better utilize traffic, penetrate value into the transaction level, and enrich the business model of search ecology. There are huge business resources and

Editor’s comment: After more than two years of development, the small program has become an important traffic portal for the mobile Internet. Almost all mainstream Internet platforms have their own small programs. Can Baidu help…

Netease Q2 revenue is not as expected but there is no shortage of highlights, but business continuity is waiting to be tested

After the US stock market on Wednesday, Netease released its 2019 Q2 financial report: the company’s net income was 18.77 billion yuan, up 15.3% year-on-year, slightly lower than the market expectation of 18.97 billion yuan; net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 3.07 billion yuan. , an increase of 45.8% year-on-year; adjusted diluted earnings per share of 28.06 yuan, far higher than the market expectation of 18.12 yuan. Overall, Netease’s second-quarter record is good, but the continuation of this optimistic situation is full of question marks.

The game is still the revenue pillar of NetEase. The second quarter revenue was 11.43 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%. NetEase game has a good performance in the sea. After the “Tomorrow’s Day”, “Quantum Special Attack” and “Motor City Alpha” and other mobile games successfully landed in the Japanese and American markets, Netease also set up a game studio in Canada. However, looking at the domestic market, NetEase game business has not been released due to the version number.