In the interests of the customer, make every step of the customer service

Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Silicon Valley Sales Institute” (ID: WinningByDesign), author of Silicon Valley Blueprint Patrick. The original title is “ Sales must evolve.”


I am doing the Silicon Valley Blueprint because I have been doing business and sales management for 25 years. The strong feeling is that if I don’t re-examine the sales management from the business model level, I will take the initiative to re-use the top-level design. This matter is managed, the entire company from the boss to the VP to the first-line sales, no one’s days will be better.

But top-level design requires methodological support.

Unfortunately, the traditional sales methodology is very old.

Do you know the core concept of our current sales methodology, the sales funnel, when did it come up?

Or what era came up?

Give you the answer: The concept of a traditional sales funnel was created by American Elias St. Elmo Lewis back in 1898. This person is the originator of American advertising sales. You can look at the American drama Madman brain to make up.

In 1898, Elias St. Elmo Lewis created a theory of customer purchase journey models that reflected a brand or product from the time the customer was attracted to the time the customer made the purchase. He created a four-step process: Cognition, Interest, Desire, and Action, or collectively known as AIDA. In the AIDA model, customers can realize revenue and profit soon after signing a contract. Many sales and marketing organizations still use the model derived from AIDA, but today it is called the sales funnel.

Figure 1: The beautiful sales funnel, and the United States only represents the traditional sales ideas.

The theory of sales that has been said for more than a hundred years should have evolved


What is the traditional sales idea? Everything forOff Single. Therefore, all sales routines are about how the seller gets the order, and in order to get the order, in many cases the seller will stand on the opposite side of the buyer, at the expense of the buyer.

Why does the seller have this behavioral characteristic? Because most of the income in the traditional sales model is confirmed at the moment of the customs order.

For example, if you sell hardware for 100 years, you can pay in one hand and deliver it in one hand. Once you decide, you can’t go back.

Everything is for the deal. Even if the deal is made, the trust between the buyer and the seller is very low.

In the era of traditional software, there is a long-term repeatable income model of annual maintenance, but it is only a supplement to the software license fee income. So even if the sales methodology has made great progress in this era, it seems that there are a lot of flowers, but it still can’t escape the absolute attention to the sales funnel and the link.

Figure 2: Traditional sales methodology that absolutely values ​​the new single funnel

The theory of sales that has been said for more than a hundred years should have evolved

For example, our domestically acclaimed solution-based sales and consultancy sales, including our latest recommended challenge sales, in the final analysis, are still the product of the new single-funnel and the new single-win rate.

A new sales methodology has become mainstream as secondary markets and investment institutions have embraced SaaS’ 100% adoption of repeatable revenue models. This is our scientific sales methodology called the bow and a new generation of sales funnels.

Figure 3: Scientific Sales Methodology

The theory of sales that has been said for more than a hundred years should have evolvedWhy is the model that values ​​repeatable income received? Investors are not fools. The repeatable revenue model has at least two core advantages:

  1. The cost of unit revenue is reduced exponentially compared to the traditional model. The ratio of input to output has increased significantly, and sales efficiency has risen sharply.Should the PS valuation be several times higher? This one can take a look at my previous analysis of sales efficiency and valuation.

  2. Repeatable income has a natural “complex” effect. Year after year, continuous and steady growth, multiplying this growth is not only objective, it should be terrible. Efficiency is increasing, growth is terrible, the company’s PS valuation can not be several times higher?


But this high-value model has to be done right, only relying on the old one, saying that the sales funnel for more than one hundred years, only focusing on the various old and new sales methodologies in the customs link, has gone nowhere.

In fact, why do we sell close to the market? Because the quality of the front end of the sales funnel is increasingly determined by the market and the customer, the sales are becoming more and more professional.

You can see the picture of the sales funnel above. The market is becoming more and more important, so now marketing is getting more and more popular, and new theories are emerging.

In summary, a new generation of sales funnels and methodologies should combine the perfect balance of customer journeys and sales with the value-added process at every step of the customer journey.

We should consider more about how to proceed from the customer’s interests, to make every step of customer service, to bring in the right customers, and to serve well. Let them stay and grow up and become the core group of our word of mouth recommendation.

Figure 4: Scientific Sales Methodology Focusing on Every Touch Customer Experience Design

The sales theory that has been said for more than a hundred years should have evolved

The theory of sales that has been said for more than a hundred years should evolve.

For those students who have a strong initiative, sales must also evolve.