Do you have your own underlying logic?

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Liu Yudong’s Operation Notes” (ID: liu17701793970), author Liu Yudong.

I will be writing a series of instructive articles about how Internet operators are growing fast in the near future. These articles are all from my personal experience and practical summary of my work for many years, to help colleagues who are still struggling in the operating industry. This article is the first in the series.

“Syllogism” is a kind of thinking problem that I have been repeatedly implementing for many years of operation and the underlying logic of implementing things.

This idea has great help and benefits for me to do operations, write programs, interviews, grow users, do marketing, manage teams, manage upwards, and even grow up.

And today I have specifically shared it, I hope this underlying logic can give some inspiration to many friends who are struggling in the operational position.

For example, there will always be a lot of operating colleagues complaining:

  • Why is my work very boring and has no sense of accomplishment?

  • Why do people always get the focus of things quickly?

  • Why do you have no rhythm, no hierarchy, no rules?

  • Why do you always feel that you have no growth, but don’t know where the problem is?

  • Why can someone else do so with a lot of performance and gain so much growth?


For these questions, I am not going to make a direct answer. I hope that I can teach you to think and analyze these problems with a low-level logic.

And this underlying logic is: syllogism.

01,What is syllogism?

Very good understanding.

First of all, we must understand that each of us can think of it as “input” or “output” if we do anything.

  • For example, if you plan to write an APP operation plan, this is the output, you output the operational force for this app;

  • For example, if you want to build a user growth system, this is also the output, you output the power of user growth;

  • For example, if you have been working in a company for a year and have gained a lot of experience, this is your input to your ability to work;

  • For example, if you try to manage your leader upwards, this is also an output;

The core of the “syllogism” is:

All your input and output to everything in the world,Must include the high, medium and low sections.

Only three segments are complete and all your output and input will be complete. When the three paragraphs are complete, everything you do will break through and grow.

For example. For example, a person who is operating, if his work system is healthy, it must be complete with three segments. The lowest segment is the basic working segment. Doing operations, there are many basic tasks every day, such as collecting reports, answering user questions, changing resource bits, community speech, etc. A lot of basic work, Most of the operations have such basic work, this is not a big problem for everyone.

Secondly, in addition to the basic work section, there are also small and medium-sized project segments. For example, engage in a small community event on a regular basis, regularly engage in a small activity in the community, regularly engage in a small e-commerce promotion, small business offers, regularly do an APP optimization project, and regularly conduct a business for a certain business. Small combing, small optimization….. This is the small and medium project segment, it is not very high frequency, just do a wave on a regular basis.

After then, in addition to the basic work section, and the small and medium project sections, there must be a large project segment. For example, the annual double 11,618, these are considered to be large project segments in the operating system. For example, every quarter, or the first half of the year, in the second half of the year, participate in a large-scale event that integrates the whole company, the whole product or the whole platform, or large-scale optimization projects and development projects. Work is a large project segment.

Okay, when you say this, you may ask me, what is the use of this?

Knowing this, you can clearly determine whether your work mode, business module, and work status are in a state of complete health and rapid growth.


As I said before, your output and input to everything in the world, only “three paragraphs” are complete, is a healthy, growable, sustainable, breakable situation.

The operating system you have doneIt is also necessary to complete the three paragraphs in order to grow rapidly. In your operational work system, you should include the daily basic work section also contains the middle and small project sections. also contains advanced large project segments. If you don’t have any paragraphs, your work system is not complete and healthy.

Why do many operators feel that they are doing their operations very painfully and have no sense of accomplishment?

This is because your work system is not complete, most of the work is in the basic section, has been working on the basic section for a long time, doing a lot of trivial and repetitive work every day, how can Have a sense of accomplishment, have a sense of pleasure in work, how can you grow?

Some other operators feel that they have been operating for a long time. Although they have done several small projects (middle section), they still feel that they are not growing fast enough. This is a large project that lacks high-level training.

If you can participate in several big projects in your own work, you will be tempered by the big projects, the limits of your thinking, the limits of execution, and the promotion of your own.

So when you have the idea of ​​syllogism, you can assess whether your work status is in a healthy situation. Here, syllogism plays a framework role as a low-level logic. And this kind of framework can also be applied to user growth, or marketing, or even writing solutions.

A lot of operators meet the boss’s requirements: write a product user growth system to build a program, write a marketing system to build a program, even write a Marketing operations planning, will be a headache, do not know how to write.

In fact, if you use the underlying logic of the syllogism to think and go to the framework, you will be clear. For example, if you build a user growth system for a social e-commerce, you can use the “syllogism” to set it.

For example, the basic segment is from the major channels, the tricks brought by various users to share: For example, some of the traffic brought by the application market, Some users share, fight group The traffic brought, is the traffic from various distribution channels and coupon channels. These flows are the basic segments, they are high-frequency, continuous, everyday, and stable, they form the basis of your user growth system.

More like the middle section, it is a variety of medium and high frequency marketing activities.The traffic coming. If the public number, large V’s large-scale launch, such as short-term promotion of promotion, increase the amount of rewards, promote the flow of users crazy sharing; For example, through various H5 activities, open treasure chest activities, lottery activities, daily red bag activities, weekly, or 3 days, five days as the unit to bring marketing traffic; or short video Delivery, traffic from KOL delivery.

The marketing activities in the middle segment are generally not as continuous as the basic segment, presenting the band, once every once in a while, every once in a while, but in the market, the user has a pulse effect, which can be brought in a period of time. A large number of users.

Then then is the big promotion, the big promotion, the celebration, the super brand day event and so on. This growth is usually done once a year, or twice, or once a quarter. It is generally necessary to integrate the supply chain, the whole station, and the omni-channel resources to carry out a wave of large-scale user growth.

So when you build a complete user growth system, you must ensure the integrity of the syllogism. Also make up and optimize the segment that your product is currently missing.

Including the marketing system for building a product, the communication system, and writing a product communication plan can also use the “syllogism”. Base segment, middle segment, advanced segment.

The basic section is to do daily microblogging, public number graphics, soft texts, etc.; middle section to do a regular wave of small hard, wide, soft, regular social marketing, Regularly ask a KOL for a small promotion; That high-level segment is the whole year, or do a quarterly promotion and marketing based on the whole network, or online and offline, directly blasting the brand.

So, if you see this, do you have any feelings, and if you write a similar plan in the future, the system will be clearer?

Whether you are writing a marketing plan, a growth plan, a communication plan, or building a variety of systematic things, using the underlying logic of “syllogism” is definitely correct. Because of complete user growth, marketing, and dissemination of output, it must be fully covered in high school and low section.

Only the work of the basic section can not be penetrated, the lack of outbreak, the effect is slow; only the high section, the input cost can not be eaten, not sustainable, lack of stable output; So the “syllogism” The most important thing for the framework is to make your output balanced and complete.


The “syllogism” is not only for your actions, inputThe output provides framework logic to help it balance and complete.

If you can understand what you need to do in each paragraph, what you need to learn, what you need to achieve, is that if you can deeply understand the core nature of each paragraph, then the “syllogism” will give you Bring more inspiration. It’s not enough to have a framed idea, but to really go deep into the details and purpose to grow quickly.

We continue to take our own business and take our own work scenarios as examples.

For example, I am a product operator. Before my work was messy, after I learned the syllogism, I sorted out my work and divided it into basic sections, small and medium-sized projects, and large project sections.

After combing, I have a clearer sense of the layering and direction of my work. But this is not enough. I decided to go deep into the work of each “segment” and constantly comb the essence of each piece of work. ,purpose.

For example, my basic section work includes: daily report data report, daily loss user recall, daily statistics APP ranking in the application market, daily……..

The main idea of ​​my work on the basic section is: Smooth the link of the work, priority, clear,When should I do it every day, which one to do first, which one After doing it, it’s methodical; stable output,work is done very well every day, no mistakes are made;fine optimization for a long time,Because many of the basic sections of the work have to be done for a long time, this optimization is not done overnight, but for a long time of careful polishing,such as today, the format of the form is organized and sent tomorrow. The copywriting is a little better, and the day after tomorrow….Every time you fine-tune it, you will continue to optimize it for a long time.

The work of the basic section is going on for a long time. I think of what optimization is best. It’s incredibly efficient, By constantly optimizing my workflow, I’m making the basics work more efficient. At the beginning, I might have to do all sorts of trivial things in one day, and now I can finish it in 2 hours. Because only the basic work can be done quickly, I have more time to do more valuable, more growth, and more challenging things. Instead of falling into the trivial work of the basic section, let yourself always fall into meaningless busyness.

After finishing the basic section, talk about small and medium project segments.

My small and medium-sized projects include: Promoting APP’s various function optimization projects on a regular basis, writing competing reports, doing some small user activities, etc.

The working ideas of the small and medium-sized project sections mainly include: Learn to write various program reports,Can write a variety of excellent, concise, and can be landed small projects are small and medium-sized projects The skills that the segment must master.

Efforts to continuously train project management, Some projects in the small and medium-sized project sections are simpler and can be used for simple project management skills. Continuously summarize, Accumulate activities, project experience, Continue to think about new ideas and experiment with new ideas. The number of projects in small and medium-sized projects is not low, but the resources used are not particularly large. At this time, you can try to make some new ideas, and the experiment of new ideas is very worthwhile.There are many more…

The main projects of my large project are: planning large-scale product launch activities every quarter, or participating in the major project of product revision.

The main idea of ​​my work for large project segments is: Practice a large-scale project plan involving multiple departments and multiple resources.

Do a good job in the linkage of various departments, and collect, sort and analyze the requirements. Because large-scale projects often involve more departments, it is important to coordinate, communicate, and report on the work.

Do a good job in long-term project management. Because of the long period of large project segments, the long-term projects in this area are followed up, and the control of the nodes is very important and worthy of training.

There are many more…

So I have said so much, I hope that everyone’s understanding of syllogism can’t just stay at the framework level, but to go deep into it, really understand the working logic of each paragraph, the essence of work, and what you want to be here. What kind of purpose is achieved, what kind of experience is absorbed, and what kind of attempt is made.

When your thinking can enter this layer, you will find that the abilities you have acquired are compound, complete, non-repetitive, and systematic.

Then you will grow faster than those without thinking.


In fact, the underlying logic of “syllogism” can be extended indefinitely as long as you have a little heart.Exhibition, applied to many aspects.

This is also the great value of the underlying logic. With a logical system, you can solve a variety of problems, very versatile.

For example, if you are an operations manager, your subordinates have a high turnover rate, or they always complain that they can’t learn anything, and the things they do are too trivial.

Therefore, you can use the syllogism to solve the problem. Subordinates complain that they can’t learn anything. The essence is that the work system is not complete enough. Only the work of the basic section has long felt that there is no sense of accomplishment. After letting the subordinates do the basic work, you try to arrange some small and medium project sections for him to practice and enrich his work content and level, For example, arrange some activities, some small projects, and arrange a small optimization in business.

When the subordinates are handy in the small and medium-sized project, you can take him to do something and pull him to do some big projects.

For a long time, subordinates will feel that their work is not caught in trivial matters, but that they have truly achieved a sense of accomplishment and have grown up.

Similarly, the upward management can also use the idea of ​​”syllogism”.

For example, if you want to make yourself and your boss more emotional, and guide your boss to follow your ideas, you decide to use the syllogism to do the upward management.

Basic paragraph, you need to stipulate yourself daily, or regularly maintain a relatively high frequency communication with the boss. Whether it’s reporting, talking about business, colliding with ideas, or communicating with the game you saw yesterday, you should try to ensure that this communication is as long as possible, continuous and high frequency;

In the process of communication, you can bring some ideas of your own, and you feel that valuable content is packaged into your communication, affecting your boss subtly; middle section, you need to give the boss some time. Report, or a small surprise. For example, do some test projects to prove that your ideas are feasible; or do user research, produce a research report, tell the boss what the user’s needs are; /span>Or a regular competing product analysis report, keep telling the boss, competing products are doing these things, so we have to hurry;Through this frequency, regular touch Slowly let the boss pay attention to such things.

As for the advanced section, after a long time, you may want to find a boss to talk about it deeply. For example, you have planned a big plan to find the boss, and you have an impassioned speech in front of him. He draws a big cake to promote a bigger thing;/span> Directly bring the boss’s expectations and enthusiasm through the means of advanced paragraphs. This is how a “syllogism” is applied in upward management.

Strong integration through the basic segment, continuous communication, subtle; Through some small surprises in the middle segment, small touch, small report, rhythm guide the boss to think in your direction;< Span> Then go to the high-level section of the direct key, directly all in.

Of course, the actual upward management may be more complicated. For example, it may include occasionally drinking a drink with the leader, and when the action of the advanced segment is triggered, these are all stressful, but at least keep this idea and direction, it is correct.

Similarly, You can also use the syllogism system to do the squad, The basic section is some painstaking comments, comments, praise, chat; The middle section regularly gives the sister paper some irregular surprises;The senior section gives a big surprise to the sister paper at a suitable time;As long as it is used properly, It will definitely be done.

Even if you grow up in your life, you can plan with the “syllogism” system.

For example, you need to do the daily basics:

Includes eating on time, getting up early, sleeping on time, exercising regularly, through all kinds of long-term optimization, making your life in the basic section more and more smooth;Next, you have to give yourself Add some intermediate tasks, exercise, and improve yourself: For example, watch a book regularly, complete an outdoor hike regularly, do a regular training, and regularly learn a skill…..

Then, you can also do the operation of the advanced section and challenge the bigger goal: For example, go out once a year, go to learn a big course every year, and keep learning; how much to save each year; Or buy a car this year, or change jobs this year, how much salary you want, and so on.

If you can use the underlying logic of the syllogism to build, operate, and continue to work on your own life, I believe that you will grow at a speed that is visible to the naked eye.


I have talked so much about the “syllogism”. When you talk about this, you can find that this is a very well-understood, very easy-to-use, versatile, and continuous extension of the underlying logic.

I would like to talk about why I value this underlying logic so much and resolutely practice it.

Because its idea is very simple, but it is simple, it canGood for you to sort out all the inputs and outputs.

For example, as I said before, we do marketing well, do user growth, do business well, do work well, do upward management, do subordinate management, and the essence is doing An output,

And you can use the underlying logic of “syllogism” to plan all your output, it will be complete, there will be no gaps, and it will not cover the place.

  • Lower the base, do long lines, and be stable;

  • The middle section is a band, and it has a certain frequency, and it has a certain power to reach;

  • The advanced section is doing momentum, detonating, and breaking out;

The three segments are inter-systems and rely on each other. With it as a framework, all your output will naturally present a complete system.

Syllogism can also help you get the integrity of your input.

You go to study, you do the work, you go to life, and you are also completing your own input, planning with syllogism, will make your input more comprehensive.

Low-stage execution, exercise is patience, exercise is calm, exercise is persistence; middle section to do challenges, exercise is rhythm, exercise is promotion, exercise is your experience accumulation, exercise You are going to constantly try new things;The high section is the limit, the exercise is that you can quickly put pressure on yourself in a short period of time, bring together all your strengths, challenge, and break through yourself. The limits and impossibility; There is always a “syllogism” in your heart, and you will always know if your current input is complete.

Finally, the syllogism will help you understand whether it is in operation, in life, in all kinds of trivial work, in analyzing all the world’s problems, Do you think quickly? Clearly understand the level, understand the module clearly, and understand the nature, purpose, and focus of the current paragraph.

Let yourself always have a system, plan in an orderly way, co-ordinate, and sort out your work and life, and finally reach the essence of the problem, let yourself consciously supplement and perfect the lack of.

In other words, Even if there is no “syllogism”, do you have a set of underlying thinking logic, think about your work, your growth, all your output and input?

I think, this is what I wrote this article, I hope to bring you the most important value and thinking.

I hope that in addition to being in the operational position, you can find your own “syllogism” in your life.


August 7, 2019