Content and community platforms. Currently, the platform has more than 23.5 million active users per month and 180 employees in 12 countries.


The UPI transaction volume for Paytm’s July has fallen sharply. The reason behind this is that Google Pay and PhonePe’s market share is growing. On the whole, UPI transactions showed a significant growth last month, becoming the preferred mode for small retail online payments. According to people familiar with the matter, Paytm’s UPI deal was less than $140 million, a sharp drop from its dominant position a few months ago, while Google Pay and PhonePe had $300 million in UPI transactions last month.

Zomato fired about 60 employees in Gurgaon. The person who was abolished this time came from the customer service team. The reason behind this is the customer service function of Zomato’s online automation. Currently, the company is deploying a chat bot that can answer customer inquiries without human intervention, eliminating the need for call center staff. Zomato previously fired about 300 employees in 2015, most of them in the US, to reduce costs.

Latin America:

Brazil AI chat robot Youper completed $3 million seed round financing. The company will use new funds to expand its users and continue to develop AI technology in the field of mental health. Youper is a chat bot that eases user stress and manages user emotions through chat. The company said it currently has millions of users, mostly young women. Although Youper was born out of Brazil, it is more inclined to the US market and has been operating in the US for nearly two years. On the reason, first, the proportion of users paying attention to mental health in Brazil is low, and second, the product market in the US is more mature. In addition, they have a large number of English users, and the United States has more financing opportunities.

Middle East:

Tinder parent company Match Group acquires Harmonica, an online dating company in Egypt, to expand the Muslim market. Harmonica was founded in 2017 as an online dating app for Muslims. It is reported that after the acquisition, Match Group will serve 33 Asian, Middle Eastern and North African regions with a large Muslim population. As part of the acquisition, Harmonia’s 12 full-time employees will join the Match Group, whose headquarters will continue to be based in Cairo, and Sameh Saleh will continue