Land transfer has promoted the transformation of farmland to moderate intensification, and consumption upgrading has stimulated the adjustment of crop planting structure.

It is reported that, the first Internet farmer vocational education platform in China, “everyday farming” completed tens of millions of yuan In the B round of financing, this round of financing was led by “Chuangchuang Capital” and “Jingwei China” followed suit. It is reported that this round of financing will be used to improve the curriculum system, build teaching and research teams, and upgrade the teaching assistant system.

People are not Internet beneficiaries, and have not been eliminated by technology and machinery. “Internet + mobile” provides farmers with a convenient platform for knowledge learning and problem communication, and enables planting to be scientifically and efficiently transformed. Development, the original farmers’ knowledge system is constantly updated and improved.

In addition, the land transfer has promoted the transformation of farmland to moderate intensification, and the consumption upgrade has stimulated the adjustment of crop planting structure. The “farmers” have a tendency to professionalize, and there has not only been a boom in returning hometown entrepreneurship, Young generation entrepreneurs It is also constantly focusing on the agricultural sector.

Everyday Farmers” is an Internet farming knowledge learning incubation in the big harvest agricultural business mall The platform, its agricultural technology knowledge is invited by the “Everyday Farmers”, including the cultivation of large households, agricultural technology stations, agricultural colleges and other agricultural technology experts, through the integration of higher education institutions, agricultural technology stations, Planting resources of agricultural technicians such as large households to provide online and offline agricultural technology knowledge services for the majority of growers. In addition to the regular graphics, the expression “Everyday Farmers” covers audio and video.

According to the information provided by the company, the previous investors of “Tiantian Xuenong” were Dafengshou, Jingwei China, etc. The amount of financing was basically 10 million yuan.

Online agricultural knowledge education platform

Financing Information for Everyday Farmers Source: Enterprise Check

According to Recruitment Information on the Hunting Clouds shows that the “Everyday Farmers” education platform, established in 2017, currently has three colleges and twelve major economic crops. course. In terms of teachers, the team has more than 1,000 exclusive contracting experts, and the educational platform service users have exceeded one million and landed in more than 230 prefecture-level cities across the country.

“Everyday farming” said that in the future, we will continue to deepen the vertical agricultural education curriculum system and provide more types and better agricultural technology courses and practical exercises. Not only that, “Everyday Farmers” also intends to gradually expand from the farmer vocational education field to the pan-agricultural field, try to carry out base hosting services, farms with more new agricultural service platforms. Base internal training, agricultural capital solution creation, agricultural product planting standard construction and sales docking cooperation, etc..