“Mistlink Medical” has more than 60 invention patents covering the core technology of aerosol inhalation administration

Related /strong>,Mist Union MedicalHas tens of millions of RMB led by CCB International A round of financing, “Dianshi Capital” served as financial advisor for this round of financing. Before, the company was awarded 5 million angel round financing by Shenzhen Venture Capital and Kunshan Industrial Technology Institute.

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Southwest Securities’ “Pharmaceutical Bio-Industry: Respiratory Inhalation Formulation” report states that Respiratory diseases are the second largest disease in the country, with chronic diseases accounting for nearly one-third of the total In terms of the number of discharged hospitals, it is second only to circulatory diseases (ie, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases). In 2016, the proportion of hospital discharges was 17%. Respiratory diseases are mainly divided into two categories: acute respiratory diseases such as influenza, chronic respiratory diseases (such as asthma). In the moment, aerosol therapy is the main way to deal with these two respiratory diseases.

“Mist Link Medical” is a health care device manufacturer established in the respiratory system. It uses nano-level atomized micro-hole technology to ensure stable drug and particle power efficiency and provide users with atomization treatment services. The products include atomizer series, mist tank series, body temperature measurement series, intelligent breathing trainer, etc., and provide OEM and ODM services. Products have obtained many international certifications such as CE, Reach, RoHS, and Imetro. Not only that, but “Mist Union Medical” alsoIt has more than 60 invention patents covering the core technology of aerosol inhalation administration.

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One ​​of the atomizer products of “Mist Link Medical”

According to the investor’s disclosure, one year from the first new listing, “Mist Link Medical” has been supplying the top three distributors in Germany and Italy, and has now entered 14 countries and regions, especially in Europe and America.

In the domestic market, “Mist’s Medical” received an order for “Millet has a product”. The product was officially listed in October last year and has now formed a stable return order. At the same time, “Wulian Medical” has already deployed equipment in more than 220 hospitals across the country for intelligent renovation projects in domestic hospital spray chambers, including 58 top three hospitals, such as Shanghai Bo’ai and other large hospitals.