How often to eat bird's nest

Bird’s nest is a kind of nutrient rich in nutrients, and it has nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, reducing phlegm and relieving cough Function, bird’s nest has a very long history, and it is also a very traditional and expensive diet, so how often is it better to eat bird’s nest for pregnant women?

It is recommended that pregnant women can eat bird’s nest 2~3 times a week, and bird’s nest not only has nutritional value, but also very rich The medicinal value, the bird’s nest contains very rich trace elements and amino acids and other nutrients, which can effectively achieve the effect of nourishing qi and blood. If pregnant women consume it during this period, it can effectively improve their own immunity.

Women who eat bird’s nest properly during pregnancy can effectively prevent illness during pregnancy. If pregnant women experience pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, In case of adverse reactions such as morning sickness, you can also eat some bird’s nest appropriately to supplement the various nutrients required by the body, but it is also necessary to take care not to take a large amount of bird’s nest to avoid excessive nutrition and cause discomfort to the body.

Also be careful not to consume too much bird’s nest each time. Normally, two to three grams each time is fine. . Women should always pay attention to self during pregnancyRegarding your own diet and physical condition, pay attention to proper rest, not overwork, maintain a good work and rest time, and focus on healthy and nutritious diet.