What to eat for iron deficiency

The iron element plays a vital role in the human body. Iron is an essential element in the physiological process of the human body and one of the main raw materials of hemoglobin. It can make blood, transport, and carry nutrients. If a person lacks iron, it is likely to have dizziness, fatigue, pale complexion, unsmooth nails, shrinkage, hair loss easily, dry skin, shortness of breath and heart palpitations during exercise. Women with iron deficiency anemia may also have amenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Tune, fear of cold and other conditions. What should pregnant women eat for iron deficiency?

Pregnant women can generally eat iron-rich foods for iron supplementation. When supplementing iron, they can eat more vitamin C-rich foods to help pregnant women better absorb iron. Higher foods include animal liver, lean meat, egg yolks, kelp, black fungus, black sesame seeds, tomatoes, oranges, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C include tomatoes, apples, kiwis, lemons, etc. Secondly, pregnant women with severe iron deficiency can take relevant medications according to the doctor’s advice according to their condition, and follow the doctor’s instructions for medication. Remember not to eat by yourself.

If pregnant women overdose with iron supplementation, poisoning will also occur. Iron poisoning is more common in children. Iron poisoning will lead to tissue necrosis, prone to liver cirrhosis, diabetes, and brown skin pigmentation. Wait, so you can’t overdo anything.

Pregnant women’s iron supplementation should be carried out reasonably according to the doctor’s advice. You can’t think it’s okay. Paying attention to your health is responsible for your life.