On January 21, 2021, WeChat celebrated its tenth birthday.

This afternoon, the WeChat annual meeting was held in Guangzhou. Zhang Xiaolong was pulled onto the stage by the five guests of the annual meeting and sang “A Zhen fell in love with A Qiang” together. On this day, we also ushered in WeChat 8.0 for iPhone. On the same day ten years ago, WeChat version 1.0 was given priority to iPhone users, not based on the user’s will.

However, many people seem to have not received the update notification of WeChat 8.0. For example, both of my colleagues’ mobile phones have been updated to 8.0, and they have been updated N times. At the same time, some users cannot update their “status” for a while even if they update. WeChat official response stated that it is still in the grayscale test stage.

This update fulfills the “some interesting experimental projects” mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong in his “WeChat Night” speech two days ago, and also satisfies his so-called “whimsical ideas”. He said: “For example, what if you could take a picture of a person, what if you could throw a bomb at a friend you chatted with on the screen and frighten him, what if you were listening to a song? What will happen if you can see other people who listen to the song while you are singing? If you can see other people who are insomnia when you are insomnia and then count the sheep together. Even if you give a canvas, everyone Go up and draw a dot. If 10 million people take turns to draw a dot in turn, will a pattern be formed in the end? If 10 million people draw a pattern without organization, it means What are you doing?”

So we saw the realization of these functions in WeChat 8.0.

WeChat’s update this time is mainly reflected in expressions, status, listening to songs, floating windows, and pulling down the WeChat homepage. Of course, every major version update, the opening animation of WeChat will play a philosophy, from 7.0 One Flower One World to 8.0 “I see you/I see a smiling face/I see fireworks/I see a song/ “I saw what you saw” also basically covers the five major updates this time.

The emoji is undoubtedly the surprise of this time, it comes with WeChatThe emoji will move. In a world where all kinds of GIFs are flying in the sky, it is rare for WeChat emojis to stay motionless for so many years. Zhang Xiaolong, emoticons are the basic element of our expression. WeChat emoticons have not been upgraded for many years. He thanked users for contributing so many custom emoticons to WeChat.

This time Zhang Xiaolong seems to be very unrestrained, especially for bombs that explode the screen, fireworks, and flowers. All other expressions have also undergone a process, such as the “split” expression mentioned by Zhang Xiaolong, and there is a brother GIF or Live The gradual process of the picture, in particular, is that Lian Xiang’s expression will move, just a little bit different from what I originally thought would be hot.

Another update that Zhang Xiaolong described as “ten times more elegant” is the floating window. The previous floating window made Zhang Xiaolong very dissatisfied, “It is especially like a dog skin plaster, which takes up a place on your screen.” So, we saw that this time WeChat 8.0 changed the floating window to the past, floating on your WeChat screen like a dog skin plaster, but placed it on the side of the screen. When you click the “floating window” for the unfinished article , It will enter a list, click on the “..” in the upper left corner of the screen, an article list will pop up from the left side of the screen, arranged in the form of cards, it is said that up to 50 unread articles can be put in.

Zhang Xiaolong said that he has always been dissatisfied with the experience of listening to songs in WeChat. He especially does not understand why all players are turned on by a record player. In addition, he hopes to see something when listening to songs, but can’t listen. I don’t have any imagination. With the help of Tencent’s own QQ Music, his imagination has been displayed. When someone shares QQ Music songs to Moments, groups, or peer-to-peer to you, you can watch it by clicking on it. In the MV, you can also see that several people are listening. It seems that lonely people gather in the same song to find a companion.

Zhang Xiaolong is also dissatisfied with the WeChat business card on the personal page. He feels lifeless. It is best to move, preferably to express in dynamic video. At the worst, you can also say a word and send a picture to show that he is busy now. Still drinking coffee, or traveling…

So, we saw the realization of these functions in WeChat 8.0. In fact, it gives users more choices. At least, you don’t have to use a dark picture in the future that says “On vacation” or “On a business trip” or write these nonsense in your signature.

However, there are also netizens who do not buy it, thinking that they are following the old path QQ has gone through.

And explode the text on the picture. This is what Luo Yonghao left from playing back then, so I won’t say more. But practical is true.

Of course, Zhang Xiaolong also gave it more content for the drop-down page of the WeChat homepage, not just the WeChat applet in the past, this time there are more live broadcasts that have been watched, music that have been listened to, and unfinished article.

Speaking of this, everyone should have felt that Zhang Xiaolong’s biggest change this year is that he wants to make it move in all functions, make it more lively and cute, more feature-rich, and more elegant.

But are these really what netizens want? I spent close to an hour trying to understand this update (mainly to write this article), and among these updates, the only thing I felt was the bomb.

With the update of WeChat 8.0, #微信黄脸刻会动了# was successfully searched. Obviously, the expression is what everyone pays most attention to in this update. Even so, Weibo netizens do not seem to buy it. For example, a netizen posted a picture comment: “This is it?” The picture says “The size of the file to be sent cannot be greater than 200M”, and some netizens can only post 9 pictures at a time on WeChat Moments, “And the file will expire” , And some netizens said, “This is too weird, it’s so boring”, “Don’t post that the compressed image quality of Moments is better than anything else”, “The duration of Moments video is longer, Moments supports animated pictures + original images, and the update is useful Okay?”……

It also reminds me that after the WeChat night two days ago, Tiger Sniff published several articles about Zhang Xiaolong’s speech and 2021 WeChat open class. In the comments, no one seemed to put Zhang Xiaolong on the altar again, comment. It’s all–

“The next ten years? Is it time for Zhang Xiaolong to retire?”

“‘One day, I told my development classmates to help me make a feature. I threw a bomb and the other party’s screen split. Of course, the animation effect was split, but the requirements are very realistic.’ Don’t you!! This is not more than ten years agoInteresting expressions of the QQ chat interface? Is this going to be a Renaissance? ? ? “


This is a huge difference from the praise and following caused by Zhang Xiaolong’s complaint about “100 million people teach me to make products every day” two years ago. Perhaps as one netizen said: “WeChat is just like Zhang Xiaolong’s body shape, getting more and more blessed.”

But we don’t dare to spit out, otherwise, Zhang Xiaolong will spit out 100 million people every day to teach him to make products.