No taste in mouth

Everything you eat will feel no taste in your mouth. I believe this is something that many people have experienced. This situation will have a serious impact on people’s normal appetite , It can also cause many problems in the body, so when there is no taste in the mouth, the cause should be found and treated in time. So what are the reasons for the tasteless mouth?

First of all, if you feel that your mouth does not taste, it is likely that you have indigestion. Indigestion is mostly due to unhealthy eating habits, or usually overeating, which causes the burden of the stomach and intestines, and indigestion occurs. This situation can be treated with traditional Chinese medicine, and more exercise every day can effectively promote the metabolism, and the symptoms of the tasteless mouth will gradually improve.

Secondly, if there is no taste in the mouth, it may also be caused by internal fire. If it is particularly easy to get angry, it is easy to cause glossitis. Glossitis will cause the mouth to have no taste. At this time, you need to take anti-inflammatory drugs. When taking drugs, you should also follow the doctor’s advice. As long as the inflammation can be treated in time, this symptom can gradually disappear.

In addition, certain diseases in the body may also cause the mouth to lose taste, such as diabetes, spleen and stomach diseases. The occurrence of these diseases will cause people’s stomach to degenerate and taste will gradually decline. In addition, some patients will experience weight loss and loss of appetite, which needs to be paid attention to and should be checked in the hospital in time.