When the city did nucleic acid testing for relevant personnel in logistics and 4S stores, it also requisitioned Qingcheng Station as a nucleic acid testing site. It is said that it is warm and safe. You can eat and drink without fear of being anxious. Those who have been there say it is good.

Many people are popular, and even if the toilet is red, there are thieves who are worried about it.

According to local news media in Hohhot, in May 2018, the police station received a report from residents that they saw someone stole 12 chairs and 3 parasols from Qingcheng Station and loaded them away in 4 batches. A few days later, the suspect was arrested and the police asked: “What do you want to steal public property for?”

The suspect stated that he opened a barbecue stall and wanted to take these things back for his own use.

Source: “News Daily”

In short, as a Hohhot, if you want to run away from home, it is better to find a Qingcheng station nearby than to go to the train station. Find a comfortable location, connect to wifi, order a drink, buy a burger, and meet friends in the toilet whenever you need it. A romantic and comfortable day is over… and it is convenient to regret it at any time.

3. The toilet revolution in the grassland

Hohhot means “blue city” in Mongolian. It is located in the central and western part of Inner Mongolia as a capital, and is a veritable prairie pearl.

The name Hohhot sounds like the far northwest border, but it is actually only 483 kilometers away from Beijing. Those who have been to Hohhot will be immersed in its bright sky, fresh air, grace, and the unique charm brought by the integration of ethnic cultures.