diabetes recipe

Diabetes is more harmful to patients, and the incidence of this disease is getting higher and higher. When diabetes occurs, it should be treated in time and pay attention to the patient’s diet. Through a reasonable diet, the treatment of diseases can also bring a good effect, so what are the diabetes recipes?

1. Ribs stewed with peas

Soy foods contain very low blood sugar. No matter what kind of diet they are combined with, they can effectively alleviate the speed of glucose being absorbed by the blood and can effectively control it blood sugar.

2, cucumber and pistachio salad

Diabetic patients should avoid sugary fruits in normal times. But the low-carbon salad of cucumber and pistachio can be eaten at any time, allowing patients to get more dietary fiber and plant protein. Adding a little vegetable protein every day can also bring good effects on the blood sugar control of diabetic patients.

3. Asparagus with egg pie

Eggs are high in protein and are a good breakfast choice. Asparagus can be added with fiber, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. The combination of these two foods can better improve blood sugar control and reduce the complications of diabetes.

4. Steamed fish with broccoli rice

There are many diabetics who like to eat rice, and broccoli can effectively reduce the rate of blood sugar rise. Paired with steamed fish, it can provide high-quality protein to make patients have a good appetite.