Death is not the end of life, forgetting is eternal demise. For them, all obituaries are late.

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Internet arena” (ID: VIPIT1), Author: Internet arena team.

Beginning in 2021, we have witnessed the fall of one product after another.

When some products disappear, no one pays attention to obituaries. In fact, the products are just like human beings. I am most afraid that life will be dull as water and even death will be difficult to cause waves.

The ending Michat, the immortal WeChat

At the recent WeChat tenth anniversary, the “WeChat Night” event of the WeChat Open Class, Zhang Xiaolong gave such a sigh when reviewing the past ten years of WeChat. He said: WeChat will be what it is now. For this, I feel very lucky. I think I must be the one chosen by God, because I can’t do this with my own efforts.”

In Zhang Xiaolong’s words, he was lucky enough to make WeChat such a success, while on the other side of the industry, the Lei Jun who advocated taking advantage of the trend and said that “the pigs are flying on the wind” He was buried in grass with high hopes.

Recently, Mi Talk officially issued a notice that it will stop account registration and messaging at 12 o’clock on February 1st, and stop logging in and shut down the server at 12 o’clock on February 19th.

One is the ten-year tiger turning back, and the other is the end of ten years sadly.

Once upon a time, Mi Talk may be one of the most promising products among all communication tools to break Tencent’s social monopoly advantage.

Ten years ago, when Internet PC users began to migrate to the mobile terminal on a large scale, QQ was holding the old ticket stubs on the PC side to try to move to the mobile Internet, and wanted to keep the group of old PC users who migrated. People, and at the same time to undertake those who are eager to find new needs in the new era.

But at that time, QQ had a slightly bad mobile experience and could not keep up with the progress of the times, and it seemed that it could not carry this task at all. And this may be the only window period for Tencent to dominate social tools in many years.

Michao saw this window and reproduced the social system of acquaintances indexed by the mobile phone number of the imported kik, which was an unprecedented social aggregation method in China at that time.

It is precisely because of Mi Talk’s duplication of this function that Lei Jun discovered that it can provide a new value for the social system of acquaintances. It is also because of this that Mi Talk can be released as a separate product. Prior to this, the initial positioning of Michao was only to serve as a communication tool within Xiaomi.

Michao, which was released two months earlier than WeChat, had maintained a certain lead in the competition with WeChat before the release of WeChat 2.0. This collarThe first advantage continued until the WeChat 2.0 version was released. Zhang Xiaolong proved his ability internally and stood out in the internal horse racing.

Until then, Tencent’s massive resources began to tilt towards WeChat. The seamless migration of interpersonal relationships with QQ was the main reason for the gap between WeChat and other contemporary social apps. At this time, it is difficult for Mi Talk to compete with it.

There are rumors that Tencent’s No. 2 person had a contact with Xiaomi’s Lin Bin. Zhang Jindong explained the importance of WeChat to Tencent, which meant to persuade Xiaomi to retreat after facing difficulties.

Lei Jun can only decide whether to die or fight to the end. For Lei Jun, he used wps to shop for office, but the scene of bloodshed is still vivid. At this time, Lei Jun has been in the business sea for many years. , Perhaps we should know more about weighing the pros and cons, so history let us finally see the choice of Lei Jun.

From the perspective of the Internet, the demise of Mi Talk may be due to the change of Xiaomi’s own strategic tilt, or the unequal rivalry with Tencent’s resources. When users are faced with choices, they will definitely choose the product with the highest usage and practicality. This is the root cause of Mi Talk’s lack of stamina and its demise.

In fact, Mi Talk has already fulfilled his destiny, but Mi Talk was lucky enough at that time, because it was born in that era, and the times pushed him to the forefront and gave him a break in Tencent’s social network. Mi Talk also grasped this opportunity, but did not persist to the end.

But it is enough for us to remember it. After it, from Luo Yonghao’s chat treasure, to Bytedance Feishu, to Ali’s contacts, Tencent never let go of any threat to its dominant social tool Of players.

Zhihu can’t answer Wukong’s Q&A questions

In my eyes, Wukong Q&A is a product that is extremely tied to Zhihu, like an “unfilial apprentice”.

And this Zhihu apprentice recently announced that it will be offline from the app store on January 20.

In 2017, Wukong Q&A was independent from today’s headlines and became an independent app. According to its early employees, its product operation method is to crawl questions on Zhihu and introduce creators to answer, and it is also known internally. Almost as its own benchmark object.

And the way that Wukong Q&A is well-known to the world is also because of the vigorous poaching incident on Zhihu. Until now, Wukong Q&A has been officially announced to stop operations, and Zhihushang still has big players who were poached back then.