Chinese New Year stall readings: Type accelerate diversification, competitive differentiation pattern forming new marketing model floor

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On January 23, 2020, the Spring Festival stalls were announced to be cancelled. Now, the “first stall” after two years of absence is back again.

As the Spring Festival approaches, the number of single-day want-to-view schedules for scheduled movies continues to rise. The number of people wanting to watch “Tang Detective 3” for the second time in the Spring Festival file has exceeded 4 million, and the number of people wanting to watch the popular movie “Hello, Li Huanying” has reached 875,000.

But at the same time, the recent repeated epidemics in some areas have added a lot of variables to this year’s Spring Festival. With both good and bad, what features will this year’s Spring Festival show? What are the highlights of the movies in the period? What changes have taken place in movie announcements under the new environment? All have become the focus of attention in the industry and the outside world.

A few days ago, Maoyan released the “2021 Spring Festival File Preview” report, which gave a systematic answer to these questions.

Based on the performance of the Spring Festival stalls in the past two years, Maoyan used data to deconstruct the general situation of the Spring Festival stalls this year: Although the competition for the schedule is still fierce, the suggestion of “Chinese New Year in situ” may have an impact on the box office of lower-tier cities. However, the diversification of content themes and the differentiated distribution of audiences are all conducive to a single film breaking its box office ceiling during the Spring Festival.

In addition, the short video platform’s innovation in movie marketing gameplay and the emergence of the potential of new marketing platforms have also become the driving force for the Spring Festival film to open up the market-Maoyan and Douyin jointly launched “Hello, Li Huanying” The new gameplay of “Cloud Roadshow” has brought tens of thousands of levels of desire to watch the film.

The repeated epidemics may affect box office revenue generation,The advantage of header content scheduling still remains

Now, the entire industry is looking forward to the performance of the Spring Festival stalls. On the one hand, as the first time of the year, the morale of the Spring Festival stalls is related to the trend of the movie market throughout the year. On the other hand, the box office market of the Spring Festival stalls is extremely important to the total box office and theater revenue of the year.

Maoyan’s “2021 Spring Festival File Preview” report system combed the box office data of the Spring Festival stalls in the past few years. In 2018 and 2019, the seven-day box office of the Spring Festival stalls were 5.771 billion and 5.903 billion, accounting for 9.5 of the total box office of the year. %, 9.2%. In addition, 15% to 20% of theaters’ seven-day box office revenue during the Spring Festival stalls accounted for more than one-fifth of the year, and more than 60% of theaters’ reliance on the Spring Festival stalls was higher than the national average.

The 2020 Spring Festival file is missing, and the importance of the 2021 Spring Festival box office performance is self-evident.

From the perspective of the social environment, the epidemic will still have a certain degree of impact on the Spring Festival stalls. First of all, the emergence of new confirmed cases in some areas has brought uncertainties to the operation of local theaters and the audience’s willingness to watch movies.

Secondly, the Maoyan report pointed out that this year’s proposal to “Chinese New Year in situ” will also have an impact on the box office revenue of the Spring Festival stalls. In the past two Spring Festivals, the proportion of people watching movies from other places has stabilized at around 38%. Affected by the “New Year in situ” proposal, this part of people watching movies from other places may choose to watch movies in their usual residence or choose other forms of cultural and entertainment consumption. , The leading role of “family watching movies” and “friends watching movies with friends” will be weakened, which is very likely to bring losses to the box office of the Spring Festival stalls.

However, with the accelerated release of diversified materials, the popularity of Spring Festival films has continued to rise in recent days, which is naturally a good trend for the market.

Currently, “Detective Chinatown 3”, “Assassination of Novelists”, “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Crowd Crowd”, “New God List: Nezha Rebirth”, “Attendance Order”, “Bear Among the seven films of “Hunting Wild Continent”, most of them have released posters and trailers for the countdown to the Spring Festival file release. A new round of announcements began, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival stalls alsoGradually thicken.

The report of “2021 Chinese New Year File Preview” shows that among the seven films, “Tang Detective 3”, which is the second time for the Chinese New Year file, has been “scheduled to explode.” The cumulative number of people who wanted to watch the film was 1.908 million, now it has soared to 4.046 million, becoming Maoyan’s first film that over 4 million wants to watch.

The box office of the first two works of “Detective Chinatown” is 820 million yuan and 3.4 billion yuan, which has established the IP brand for the series in the Spring Festival and young people. Under the premise of expanding the “Detective Universe” and overweighting production and investment, if the reputation of “Tang Detective 3” can be equal to the 9.0 points of the first two parts in Maoyan, then its competitive advantage in the Spring Festival file is obvious.

The “Bear Infested Wild Continent”, which is the second time in the Spring Festival with “Tang Detective 3”, is the same series of films. From the data of Maoyan, the number of people who want to watch the film has increased compared with before the withdrawal in 2020. Nearly doubled.

Among the remaining films for the first time in the Spring Festival, “Assassination of Novelists” gathered popular actors such as Yang Mi and Lei Jiayin; “Hello, Li Huanying” has the popularity of two comedy stars, Shen Teng and Jia Ling; “Ling” and “New God List: Nezha Rebirth” sit on the appeal of IP; “Rushing Crowd” has Andy Lau, and both have good competitiveness.

The gathering of stars and big productions is the advantage of this year’s Spring Festival file. Moreover, cinemas in low-risk areas this year are basically ready to welcome the Spring Festival. If the epidemic is properly prevented and controlled, the Spring Festival is still worth looking forward to.

Low overlap of schedule video types,The direct competition relationship is relatively weakened

Nowadays, the “audience battle” of the seven films in the Spring Festival archives continues. Maoyan also comprehensively sorted out the competition situation, competition pattern, user portraits, etc. of the scheduled films based on the data in the “2021 Spring Festival Preview” report , Insight.