How to make spare ribs soup

Spare ribs are foods that we often eat in our lives, especially the ribs soup is a soup delicacy on the table. The ribs have high nutritional value and contain high calcium. Drinking ribs soup can provide the protein needed by the body, especially pregnant women can drink ribs soup, which can promote fetal development, and can also supplement the nutrition that pregnant women need. You may wish to drink more ribs soup at ordinary times. So, how to make ribs soup? Let’s take a look below.

How to make ribs soup

Before cooking the ribs soup, remove the blood, remove the excess blood, add water, ginger, and cooking wine together and cook for an hour. The ribs soup has a light taste and clear heat, so it is very suitable Pregnant women drink.

What are the benefits of drinking rib soup for pregnant women

1. Women need more nutrition, especially calcium, after pregnancy. Bone soup is rich in calcium and collagen, which helps dredge the microcirculation. Pregnant women drink bone soup. Play the role of calcium supplement, avoid calcium deficiency and affect fetal growth.

2. Ribs soup is rich in protein and calcium, which can provide high-quality protein to the body. Pregnant women will play an important role in the development of fetal bones after drinking. Therefore, pregnant women can drink ribs appropriately. Soup will bring a good effect on health. When cooking pork ribs soup, it is mainly light, not too rich, so as to avoid too much fat, which is not good for health, it will also affect the health of pregnant women and the growth of the fetus.