belly cooing

During pregnancy, many women will always pay attention to their physical health. They are always worried that if they do not pay attention to them, they will affect the health of the fetus. When they find that they have abnormal symptoms, they will worry It is because the fetus is abnormal, so you can understand that the body has some symptoms, and you can take countermeasures in life. So, what’s the matter with the grunting belly of pregnant women?

1. Howling in the belly of women in early pregnancy has a lot to do with their digestive function. After pregnancy, the hormone content will increase, resulting in slower bowel movements and gastric acid secretion It will be significantly reduced, which will affect the normal digestive function, and then the stomach growling will occur.

2. During pregnancy, if women do not pay attention to their diet, or the dietary structure is unreasonable, it may cause the stomach to growl. If they often eat foods with high starch content, such as noodles Foods that easily produce gas, such as beans and beans, are also prone to this symptom. The belly of pregnant women always grumbles because of diet, so eat less food with high starch content.

3. Pregnant women suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, such as weakened intestinal function, constipation, etc. After pregnancy, the symptoms are likely to aggravate, which in turn makes pregnant women prone to groaning. Pregnant women with intestinal diseases should pay more attention to their diet after pregnancy, and they should also do related conditioning work daily to reduce the impact on fetal health.