-spacing: 0px;”>Ru Xiaoqin, Managing Director of One Village Capital, divides the IoT industry chain into four levels, namely the application layer, the platform layer, the perception layer and the transmission layer. From the amount of financing, capital is different The industry’s attention is most reflected in the application layer and platform layer, including enterprise services, industrial Internet, and medical fields, and then components in the sensing layer. She said, “The fierce competition at the application layer is normal because the fields involved are very wide. , And there are many institutions involved. Smart cities and industrial Internet of Things account for half of the country, including health, smart homes, and car linkages, which also have relatively good market values. “

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Changes and new opportunities in the Internet of Things industry

The Internet of Things industry analyst Zhu Bin hosted a roundtable discussion with the theme of “Reform and New Opportunities in the Internet of Things Industry”, and participated in this meeting with a strong investment Managing Director Hu Yue, Haisong Capital Executive Director Chen Siyu, Lingnan Investment Partner Yu Kebai.

round table talk

A few guests subdivided the track on the Internet of Things