Speaking is a lesson and a valuable asset. To say it is wealth, it means that Blue Arrow Aerospace ran through all the launching procedures of the carrier rocket, and more importantly, it played a great warning role for the subsequent development.

In 2019, Blue Arrow Aerospace’s engines and rocket products continued to make technological breakthroughs, and continued to realize Zhang Changwu’s phrase “Use technical solutions to achieve, to be foolproof.”

In December of that year, Blue Arrow Aerospace signed a launch service contract with Tianyi Research Institute. Liu Jingyang, vice president of Tianyi Research Institute, said that it is precisely because of seeing the product development, manufacturing, and launch support capabilities of Suzaku-2 that Tianyi is willing to work with Blue Arrow Aerospace to promote the development of China’s aerospace industry. Prior to this, the Tianyi Research Institute has successfully launched 15 satellites, and is the leader in the number of commercial satellites launched by my country. It has adopted a variety of carrier models such as Long March and Kuaizhou.

The real money vote of capital can also prove that Blue Arrow Aerospace has done a lot of things right.

For more than 5 years since its establishment, Blue Arrow Aerospace has completed financing with a cumulative amount of more than 2.6 billion yuan. In the list of investors, Sequoia Capital China Fund, Jingwei China, Country Garden Venture Capital and other first-line well-known funds are on paper.

Du Hao, managing director of Country Garden Ventures, mentioned, “Although Zhang Changwu was not a technical background, he was able to find excellent technical talents, and use their potential to accomplish things. In this case, he managed the company’s The ceiling will be very high.”


Focus on large-scale rockets in liquid   firmly differentiate the road

Zhang Changwu firmly believes that only by target traction can determine action. Blue Arrow Aerospace’s goal is to focus on medium and large liquid rockets, which are more economical in terms of cost; strategically, A powerful supplement to the national team.

“We just want to blaze a path of differentiation in the world’s commercial rocket family and the existing rocket layout of the national team.”

In Zhang Changwu’s view, as large as the power system of aerospace, the stage of aerospace will be as large as it is. This is a setting close to the truth. The engine creates the launch vehicle, and the launch vehicle is the passport for mankind to enter space. Therefore, Blue Arrow Aerospace has been focusing on the development of liquid fuel rocket engines and medium and large liquid commercial launch vehicles.