Kuaishou Margin has oversubscribed by 80 times

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Yi Gang responded to whether Ant IPO will resume: following the law, there will be good results

At the 2021 World Economic Forum “Davos Agenda” Dialogue, the Governor of the Central Bank, Yi Gang, responded to the host’s proposal on whether Ant Group will resume its IPO. Yi Gang said, “I want to say, follow normal laws. Program, there will be good results.” (China Business News)

The first day of subscription for Kuaishou Technology was very hot, and the margin oversubscription reached 80 times the total amount of 85 billion Hong Kong dollars

On the first day of subscription for Kuaishou Technology today, investors are enthusiastic about making new products. Data shows that as of 17:26, the total margin has reached 85.034 billion Hong Kong dollars, and the margin oversubscription has reached 80 times. Among them, the ten billion margin securities firms include: Phillip Securities raised 31.5 billion, Futu Securities 16.247 billion, Huatai International 12 billion. The oversubscription is expected to reach 148.77 times. It is also said that the system of a brokerage company is down on a new page today. (Associated Finance Press)

FF will be listed on the market within two weeks at the earliest, and Geely plans to invest tens of millions of dollars

It was learned that FF (Faraday Future), an electric vehicle company founded by Jia Yueting, is seeking a new round of financing in China. Geely Group has expressed a clear investment intention. The source said: “Geely Automobile plans to invest 30 million yuan in FF To 40 million US dollars, the announcement will be made next week as soon as possible.” At the same time, FF’s old shareholder Evergrande Group also participated in this financing negotiation.

Didi Cargo will complete the first round of US$1.5 billion financing

It is learned that Didi Cargo has completed the first round of signing of a US$1.5 billion financing agreement. Leading investors are Temasek, CPE Yuanfeng (CITIC Industry Fund), IDG Capital, etc. Other participants also include Zhongguancun Nongmen Fund, GLP’s private equity investment institution Yinshan Capital, Country Garden Ventures, Ding Pei Group (VMS Group) ) And Yunfeng Fund, etc., this round of financing is scheduled to be completed in February this year.

BlackBerry expands partnership with Baidu

BlackBerry and Baidu expand their partnership. In 2018, BlackBerry announced a strategic partnership with Baidu. It will cooperate with Baidu in the field of autonomous vehicles and jointly develop a series of connected and autonomous vehicle projects. (Bloomberg)

Fang Ningmeng, the producer of “Thirty Only”, sprints A shares: a listing counselling agreement has been signed

The Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau disclosed that Shanghai Ningmeng Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. signed a listing guidance agreement with CICC on January 19, officially launching the A-share listing. According to the announcement, Ningmeng Films is committed to the entire industry chain operation of investment, production, marketing, distribution, and spin-off of super dramas and movies. According to Ningmeng Films’ official website, Ningmeng Films was established in Shanghai in 2014.