Games, knowledge, pan-life, pan-entertainment, which direction attracts you?

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Kahn Data” (ID: caasdata6), Author: Zhang Muzi.

2020 is a crucial year for Station B to move from the niche two-dimensional to the general public.

This year, Station B started with a milestone New Year’s Eve party, and used “After the Wave” to leap into the public’s field of vision, and then continue to bring it to the public with in-depth exploration in the fields of knowledge payment, film and television variety shows, and games. Surprisingly, the stock price also rose. Although this path is accompanied by controversy, it is an indisputable fact to successfully break the circle.

In this year, not only the platform has been working hard, the creators who are active on the platform have also continuously supplied light and heat through their methods. For these creators, being on the annual B station top 100 UP main list is the biggest compliment for their hard year.

Although this year’s top 100 list is nicknamed the “Top 100 Outstanding Employees” list by the outside world, leaving behind these different subjective factors, what signals does this list release to the outside world? What kind of content does the platform prefer to support? What are the new creative directions of the newly added Top 100 UP masters that deserve attention? What are the controversial points in the list that the creators should pay attention to in the future? Let’s see it together.

PS: Considering that some UP owners have multiple submissions, some UP main classifications use the more common posting partitions or the most out-of-circle content as the classification standard.

Game vs Knowledge

Game: The strong one is always strong, live broadcast becomes a new variable

A year ago, can you think that this year’s Top 100 will be a game war knowledge zone situation?

This year’s game category UP is still the top 100 TOP1 player, defending his veteran status at station B with an advantage of 18 seats. Judging from the number of fans of these 18 UP owners, due to the huge user base at station B, the overall fan volume is relatively high. There are 7 people with more than 5 million fans, 3 from 3 to 5 million, and 3 to 1 million. 8 people.

Among the top UP hosts with more than 5 million super heads, like @老姜, @中国BOY超级大兔子, @花少北丶, @某幻君, etc., are all top 100 regulars, and they have a very stable presence in the game area. The status of the arena. They have formed a fixed content consumer group and maintain an exclusive aesthetic preference for content.

Of course, on the basis of continuing its classic series of content, in order to stimulate their own creative enthusiasm and break through the content creation bottleneck period, these super-head accounts have also been trying to increase the freshness of users through new content in the past year. .

The first is “Report to the group to keep warm.” By @老土豆、@中国BInsist on producing high-quality content and abide by the bottom line are necessary conditions for the long-term development of the account.

I have seen the top 100 UP main list in 2020. Generally speaking, the content ecology of station B will continue to develop in the new year, full of vitality, and full of opportunities everywhere, waiting for every creator who wants to make money through high-quality content. .