High blood sugar recipe

Gestational diabetes is more common during pregnancy and is also a serious disease during pregnancy. However, after most pregnant women give birth, their blood sugar will return to the normal range . However, the phenomenon of high blood sugar during pregnancy has a relatively large impact on pregnant women and fetuses, so pay attention to controlling blood sugar during pregnancy. So how to arrange high blood sugar recipes?

1. Eat more fiber-rich foods

High blood sugar during pregnancy, you can eat more foods rich in fiber and vitamins, that is, eat more vegetables and fruits, these foods contain more fiber and Vitamins. However, it is best to choose low sugar content, such as common cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Fruits are best eaten between meals, which can effectively delay the increase in blood sugar.

2, control starch intake

The blood sugar is too high, so pay attention to controlling the intake of starch, because too much starch intake will also lead to a rapid increase in blood sugar. Generally speaking, foods with high starch content are mainly potatoes, vermicelli, oily gluten, etc. These pregnant women are best not to eat them.

3. Eat smaller meals more often

The daily three meals of pregnant women with high blood sugar should be changed to six daily meals, and the amount of each meal should be as small as possible. The principle of eating small meals and more meals can be Effectively control the rise of blood sugar.