Like Zheng Yelai, the former CEO of Cloud BU, Yu Chengdong also faces the important task of transgenic Huawei Cloud.

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On January 27, the Caijing reporter learned that Huawei Consumer BG President Yu Chengdong will concurrently serve as Huawei Cloud & AI BG President (including Cloud BU), and the former Cloud & AI BG President Hou Jinlong will be transferred to the chairman of the Digital Energy Business Unit. Zheng Yelai, the former President of Cloud BU, has announced another appointment, and the relevant appointment documents have been announced.

This personnel appointment has attracted strong attention, and the industry directly interprets it as “Yu Chengdong manages both mobile phones and cloud services.” This interpretation is reasonable. A person familiar with the matter revealed to the Caijing reporter that the purpose of this adjustment is to strengthen the collaboration between the mobile phone-based “end” and cloud computing, further integrate core capabilities, improve internal operating efficiency, strengthen Internet business layout, and promote Ecological development.

A former Alibaba Cloud executive previously told a reporter from Caijing that Huawei holds a smartphone and masters end users, applications, and data. Cloud and end-to-end business collaboration can become a major advantage of Huawei Cloud. Alibaba’s e-commerce business has been constantly “tempering and nourishing” Alibaba Cloud.

Huawei Cloud has previously supported consumer BG business at the business level and provided cloud services for Huawei mobile phone users, but the organizational structure is two sets of teams. Now Yu Chengdong is in charge of cloud and mobile phones, which can theoretically promote cloud integration better.

It is worth noting that Yu Chengdong is also in charge of the car BU business. Cars are regarded as another smart terminal with the most imaginative space after smartphones. By stringing these services together, we can find that “cloud service” is the base. It will carry HMS/Hongmeng, consumer cloud services, and smart car cloud services to form an ecosystem + business closed loop. Huawei Cloud will learn from Amazon, Google and Alibaba Cloud.

This is also the first time that Huawei Cloud BU has changed its core leadership since it was established in August 2017.

Although HUAWEI CLOUD has become China’s top three cloud service providers in less than four years (the latest data from IDC), there are opinions within HUAWEI that the cloud business has been in business for ten years (previously it was actually a private cloud). , Which is completely different from the public cloud), and Huawei’s culture is always the first. In the past three years, Huawei Cloud has often been questioned within the company. There have been two criticisms of Huawei Cloud on Huawei’s official website. It can be said that HUAWEI CLOUD has received more recognition from opponents and customers than Huawei internally in the past year.

However, a Huawei Cloud veteran told the Caijing reporter that Huawei executives are actually quite sure of Zheng Yelai’s pioneering role in IT and cloud business over the past decade.

Because of the mobile phone business, Yu Chengdong is a fan of Huawei”There are many. Many employees in the Huawei Voice of Heart community leave messages optimistic about this appointment, but Huawei Cloud has been facing two major constraints so far.

The most fundamental challenge comes from the DNA level: Cloud computing tests the capabilities of software and services. Huawei is a company that specializes in the development of ICT hardware equipment. The hardware gene is born. Although Huawei has achieved success in the smartphone business, it is Give full play to the strengths of hardware manufacturing, but now the development of the cloud business is equivalent to self-genetization. So far, among the traditional IT companies in the world, the only software-born Microsoft among the traditional IT companies that have successfully transformed to the cloud can be solved by Yu Chengdong. ?

Secondly, the situation where Huawei Cloud and enterprise BG compete with each other at the sales level has not been well resolved. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei also pointed out this in his recent speech on the company’s enterprise business and cloud business. He only It is recommended that the HUAWEI CLOUD business team and the enterprise business team optimize the front-line organization in accordance with the principle of “comprehensive operations and professional capabilities” to achieve scenario-based cooperative operations and satisfy the end customers.

The above-mentioned “right-handed mutual fighting” is essentially a deep-level conflict of interest between different business departments. This may be something that Yu Chengdong has rarely encountered in consumer BG before. Some Huawei people commented that the terminal business is relatively independent. This is one of the important reasons why Yu Chengdong was able to show off his skills and achieve success.

According to previous reports, Huawei is negotiating with companies and consortiums supported by the Shanghai government on the sale of high-end smartphone business (P series and Mate series) due to a lack of cores. However, Huawei officials firmly rejected it, stating that “Huawei is completely There is no plan to sell the mobile phone business”.

However, the industry’s response to Huawei has always been dubious. After all, Honor was rumored to be sold before, and Huawei has repeatedly rejected it. However, today’s appointment of Yu Chengdong made the industry more convinced of Huawei’s retention of its mobile phone business.

(“Caijing” reporter Liu Shuqi also contributed)