Direct stores, second-hand merchants and consumers are staring at the price

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account ” understand understand notes “ (ID: dongdong_note), author: Muzi

“The new machine will be purchased for a maximum of 1,000 yuan.”

A few enthusiastic readers have recently discovered that while major mobile phone brands have announced that they will start to sell new 5G mobile phones, some 4G mobile phones of e-commerce platforms have cut prices, among which low-end thousand yuan machines have about 100. The decline of ~200 yuan, some 4G flagship models, and even directly cut the price of 1,000 yuan.

This is the rhythm of 4G mobile phones to start “selling” and “clearing”?

5G phones start to “shop”

On July 26, Huawei Mate20 X 5G mobile phone began pre-sale, and will be released on the spot on August 16; on August 5, ZTE also announced the official launch of the first 5G mobile phone Axon 10 Pro 5G version; Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and one plus will set the release and launch time of 5G mobile phones in the next one or two months.

Golden nine silver ten, 5G mobile phones are coming, it seems to indicate that we are about to enter the 5G era.

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After statistics on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Suning and Jingdong, it was found that more than 30 4G mobile phones have started to cut prices recently. Among them, China’s main models P30, P30Pro, the price is reduced by 300 yuan, 500 yuan; millet 9, Note 9, vivo X27 and other popular models, price cuts 100-400 yuan; OPPO Find X sharply cut 1000 yuan; glory Magic2 The price is lowered by 700 yuan, setting a new low price; Apple’s part of the model also has a 300-500 yuan decline.

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Understand the notes and find that some of the 4G models with price cuts are quasi-new machines that are only listed for three or four months. Some mainstream e-commerce platforms have even changed the “bottom-hunting”The slogan of the machine, this momentum has made many consumers who are planning to buy new mobile phones in the near future.

So, online 4G mobile phones set off a wave of price cuts, is the offline mobile phone store also promoting the same promotional action? The 5G mobile phone is on the market soon, what is the enthusiasm of the chain store, and how big is the impact on the second mobile phone market? And how many of our consumers are “longing up” for 5G mobile phones?

In the offline mobile phone stores in Shenzhen and Beijing, the small partners who understand the notes have learned about the current 4G mobile phone promotion of brands such as Huami OV. For the upcoming 5G mobile phone, the sales staff are not all spare no effort to recommend, but we also heard various reasons and rhetoric about the 4G mobile phone products being promoted. As for the true and false, true and false, we will come with you slowly.

Offline 4G phones are also in a hurry to sell

“The price you are seeing now is already discounted.”

At the Xiaomi Home in Shenzhen New City Plaza, I understand the notes and see the red rice Note 7 Pro is priced at 1399 yuan, which is consistent with the price tag on Xiaomi Jingdong’s own flagship store. A clerk said that the price of the offline store is basically the same as online.

There are some discounts on the recent millet models, which are roughly 100~300 yuan. Take the Note 7 3GB+32GB low-profile version as an example. Although the store is not in stock, it can be purchased on the e-commerce platform for only 999 yuan.

5G mobile phone

When asked, is the price reduction of some models because the 5G mobile phone is about to be released, a clerk said that the relationship is not big. According to past practice, some models will have a certain extent after being listed for a period of time. Price reduction.

“But the recent 5G topic is really hot. Many customers have asked when our 5G models will be listed.” The clerk told me that the 5G mobile phone should be listed in the third quarter, but the specific date. He is not too clear. However, after the conversation, he also gave a piece of advice: “In fact, if you really care about the 5G experience, it is recommended to wait for a year or two, after the 5G technology is really mature, then buy a 5G mobile phone.”

A shopkeeper told us that a 5G model that is currently accepting an appointment and is about to go public is only Mate20 X 5G. He said that after the online platform is open for appointment, many consumers will come to the store for consultation recently, and they will decide whether to make a reservation after passing the offline store test.

“It’s a pity