Just like writing with a pen, use a camera to write on the screen. It wasn’t until 1954 that Truffau first advocated film by authors, advocating the integration of directors and directors.

Truffer, the French director who advocates the author’s film / Image source: Google

In the history of film, the representative film authors in Europe and America include Truffau, Fellini, and Hitchcock. Representative Chinese film authors include Yang Dechang, Wong Kar Wai, Jia Zhangke and Lou Ye.

It can be seen that the element of the integration of directors and directors is usually associated with art movies, and is rarely seen in commercial movies dominated by capital. The Spring Festival stalls are precisely the year’s largest stalls for commercial films to compete for the box office. Its consistent style is suitable for all ages. When it comes to the Spring Festival file, the audience’s first reaction is comedies, cartoons and other New Year movies suitable for the whole family. Therefore, the director’s dominant creative form in the film seems to be incompatible with the Spring Festival file.

However, this year it is precisely the film with the director and director that gets the most attention and wins the most box office. The top three films at the box office during the Spring Festival holiday in 2021 are “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Detective Chinatown 3” and “Assassination Novelist”. It is not difficult to find that the director has participated in the screenwriting work in these three films.

Picture source: [Sunac Culture] “Observation of the Market Features of the Spring Festival in 2021”

Jia Ling and her motherThe regrets between the two were filled in “Li Huanying” which she wrote and directed. Although the story of the film is highly personal, it has won the empathy of most viewers. The opening sentence grabbed the audience’s emotions: “I don’t know if you remember how your mother was when she was young. Anyway, if you hit me, I remember that my mother is like a middle-aged woman.” This kind of crying and laughing. The tone of the film made the New Year film a bit more sincere and deep than pure comedy. It is no wonder that it drove low and high. On the fourth day of the Spring Festival holiday, due to word of mouth, the box office overtook “Tang Detective 3”.

Jia Ling’s years of experience in comedy sketches and this common simple emotion have allowed “Li Huanying” to continue Jia Ling’s personal style under the integrated mode of director and director, and it has obtained a good and popular result.

Therefore, the choreographer and director are not incompatible with commercial films. Although the director may conflict with the producer due to his strong personality, the integration of the director and the director actually has many advantages, such as flexibility in the filming scene and a more unified film style. Han Han once said in an interview with UI after filming “Riding the Wind and Breaking the Waves”: “The integration of the director and the director ensures that problems can be adjusted immediately. Many people don’t think that Peng Yuyan’s identity as a Taiwanese is very abrupt, because after a day or two of acting, I can adjust it according to his way of speaking.”

Judging from the Spring Festival this year, the types of films are more diverse, and high-scoring films finally won the market. This shows from the side that Chinese audiences have a certain degree of rationality and independence in film appreciation. Although the market is still affected by announcements, the success or failure of films depends more on whether the film itself can impress the audience.

The diversified trend has also stimulated film and television companies to make adjustments. Sunac Culture has no longer bet on a single type of New Year’s film, this time it has participated deeply in “Bear Infested Wild Continent” and “Assassinated Novelist”. The former is a family carnival animation film that will surely occupy a place during the Spring Festival. The latter is a bolder attempt. In this fantasy film based on Shuang Xuetao’s novel, director Lu Yang also participated in the screenwriting work, carrying his thinking about beliefs. Although it is not a typical Lunar New Year movie, the dual world space shot and constructed in Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Sunac Film and Television Industrial Park has gained a lot of heat and discussion. This shows that film and television companies are also exploring the possibility of more Lunar New Year movies.

Under the trend of integrating directors and directors into the Spring Festival file, if this model allows the film to obtain a higher degree of freedom under the will of the director, and present more in-depth thinking, the Spring Festival file may not only be a comedy, The home of cartoons, and it can give the audience more options for watching movies. In the end, only high-scoring movies can be remembered by everyone year after year.