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Nowadays, the watch world is surging, and the heroes are divided. In this whirlpool of fame and fortune, big and small brands have their own magical powers, and the rumor of annihilating the survival of the fittest has never stopped, and finally achieved the “five watches”. Then who are the legendary “five masters of the rivers and lakes”?

Today I will introduce to you one of the “Five Wonders of Watches”, Kering Group. Its predecessor is PPR Paris Spring, the world’s third largest luxury goods group, and it owns a series of top international brands such as GUCCI, Saint Laurent, Baodie, Balenciaga and so on. In 2011, Kering Group acquired the Swiss Suofeng Group and acquired the professional watchmaking brands Girard Perregaux and Shang Weisha. In 2014, it once again acquired the top watch manufacturer “Athens”, which is famous for its enamel, puppet minute repeat, astronomical trilogy and fantasy tourbillon, ranking on the top of the world famous watch.

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