All virtual products certified by NFT have two very obvious characteristics:

  1. Uniqueness, each NFT has a unique non-copyable private key;

  2. Authenticity, once you have the private key of the NFT, the fact that you own it is something that no one can change.

Therefore, the blessing of NFT raises the liquidity of virtual products. It cannot be stolen, and it can be traced every time it flows. It is a reliable collectible and therefore has real value. This also makes NFT the next outlet after Bitcoin and the object of speculation by capitalists.

The first platform to use this technology, the bad reviewer, also introduced to you, it is the cat game Cryptokitties.

NFT technology is now used in various fields: games, artworks, domain names, collectibles, virtual assets, real assets, identity, etc. This also makes the seemingly absurd thing of auctioning emoticons a reality. On the encrypted art platform Foundation, from art paintings to emoticons can be clearly marked.

The most outrageous thing is just such a spoofed gif, which can be sold at Foundation for $500…

In short, as long as it is stained with NFT and then outrageous virtual products can become the object of transactions.

Not long ago, Dapper Labs, the production team of this cat game Cryptokitties, obtained official authorization from the NBA, and built a collection game website called NBA Top Shot on the FLOW blockchain.

This NBA Top Shot puts the players’ wonderful moments into collectible items, and then adds NFT certification and sells them on the website. Friends can understand it as a digital version of the NBA star card game.

It is such a familiar version of the NBA card game that looks very insensible, and its daily turnover has reached as high as 1 million U.S. dollars! This is simply a great wealth code.

You can buy card packs on the website, and participate in rush purchases when rare card packs are on sale. Each card has its own unique number, rarity, video content, etc.

I have to say that these card packs seem to be very well made.

As a collecting card game, rarity has become the key to excite players, and NBA Top Shot is of course very tight-lipped at this point.

The “wonderful moments” contained in each card pack are different and are divided into several different levels.

For example, cards of normal level are long like this.

The legendary card is obviously more noble, and the frame has been replaced with a noble purple.

In order to satisfy everyone’s fetishism, NBA Top Shot has customized a lot of information for each card: game points, rarity level, number and other information.

Even after clicking it, a video collection of highlights of the star player will be played automatically.

In short, both the appearance and the details are telling you one thing: This card belongs to you and belongs only to you.

Facts have proved that this kind of digital card game that has been blessed by NFT is still very marketable among players, and these cards have increased by as much as 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars after only half a month. The magnitude of this price increase is a safe and secure happiness.

The NBA Top Shot platform has also risen, with a single day’s sales exceeding the $1 million mark.

Even NBA Heat star Taylor Herro posted content related to NBA Top Shot on his Instagram, which was self-produced and sold.

Whether it is Foundation’s art auction platform or NBA TRegardless of op Shot’s star player cards, in the World Super League’s view, the blessing of NFT technology does not give them any special meaning.

These emoticons and star cards are still essentially a GIF picture or video.

However, Rainbow Cat’s animation itself is a representative of the Internet culture of the era, and NBA cards have the value of NBA and star players, and NFT technology only gives them the only label.

It has become a kind of reliable collection, which also makes capital eyeing this piece of sweet pastry.

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