Establish an accurate health management matrix.

The arrival of an aging society has made more and more attention to chronic disease management. According to the requirements of national graded medical treatment, medical institutions, pharmacies and community health management agencies will become the entrance to residents’ health management in the future (after family scenes) , they will play an important role in preventing and controlling a series of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

But the service capabilities of the above organizations are also optimized: 1)The medical examination organization is limited to the detection or screening of medical front-ends, and guides patients to the hospital for review and treatment. The lack of back-end extension services for users entering the “late chronic disease”, namely the effective prevention of chronic diseases and health management services;2) The offline pharmacies remain in the role of back-end sales of health products. , generally can not provide consumers with professional health analysis and health management recommendations before sale;3) Community health and health management agencies are more responsible for the diversion of hospital functions, that is, daily Health care, minor health problems and assisted rehabilitation, lack of professional skills in the early stages of chronic disease.

For this, the health industry consulting company Zhongkang Information is jointly developed by subject experts (mainly Southern Hospital and Beijing 301 Hospital) in the fields of clinical medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, psychology, etc. /span>The launch of the health management system solution for the pre-challenge (uninfected) population group inspection – “AI-MDT multidisciplinary expert intelligent health management service” (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongkang AI-MDT” ), the goal is to establish an “e-health passport” based on personal health data and expert advice (requires expert signature endorsement) for end users.

The so-called AI-MDT, which uses the multi-disciplinary team of MDT (multi-disciplinary team) to train the AI ​​model to achieve AI-MDT, so that more grassroots patients can enjoy the MDT of the high-end medical expert group. Service; AI-MDT multidisciplinary expert intelligent health management service, based on AI-MDT, provides clinical-level accurate analysis and evaluation for sub-health, chronic disease, especially slow-sick patient groups, as well as personalized nutrition and exercise And other health management implementation programs.

The AI-MDT expert intelligent health management system is launched.

Guidelines for users of the AI-MDT system (for team drawings)

According toJiang Hongfeng AI-MDT Operations General Manager Jiang HongfengIntroduction,“Zhongkang AI-MDT” current service Content includes two contents: First, Multidisciplinary expert accurate health analysis and evaluation report, re-integrate and analyze the public’s physical examination results, interpret the numerical meaning of indicators, and identify the risk of chronic diseases. Providing accurate health management solutions; Second, Mobile intelligent health management system to supervise the lifestyle of pre-victim populations. And For different organizations, the above schemes will have different landing scenarios, as follows:

  • After combining “Zhongkang AI-MDT”, in addition to the disease screening function, the medical examination institution can also realize the risk assessment of the pre-disease, the individualization of the health management plan, and the monitoring and review of indicators. Strict lifestyle health management including reminders, nutritional diet monitoring, exercise and fitness tracking, stress relief guidance, etc.

  • Offline pharmacies can provide consumers with multidisciplinary expert health analysis and health management services, as well as health care product selection and taking guidance services, to promote the pre- or post-ill disease population or even the patient population from online Part of the e-commerce returned to the offline pharmacy ;

  • Community health management agencies will implement multidisciplinary expert health assessment assessments and chronic disease prevention across the community.

As for the progress of the landing, Jiang Hongfeng told that at present, Zhongkang Information has reached a cooperation with the United States and the United States, and the latter as an important service portal to incite C-side resources. It is reported that the program has been trial-operated in several stores in the United States, and officially released in September, and a large-scale copy.

江宏峰指At present, there are 30 million medical examination users every year in the United States, and about 20% of them will undergo precision medical examinations (the remaining 80% are group inspection customers), so-called multi-indicator customers, according to the existing conversion rate of the store. , can achieve 5% conversion; After scale replication, it is expected to shake 300,000 C-side customers, which is also the goal of Zhongkang Information at this stage. As for the charging standard, he revealed that the current price of a report does not exceed RMB 500. “The user’s satisfaction with the price during the trial operation period exceeds 95%”.

Next, “Zhongkang AI-MDT” will also be spread to chain pharmacies. However, in view of the fact that there are fewer pharmacies with improved member service system, the layout of pharmacy channels will be slower, and the specific landing time is estimated at the end of next year. Jiang Hongfeng revealed that taking into account the overall desire of the US industry to transform into a big health field, in addition to chain pharmacies and community health management institutions, the US industry will also become an important channel for the product to be laid out.

Talking about industry barriers and competitive advantages, Jiang Hongfeng told that it is mainly technology and channels. On the one hand, “Zhongkang AI-MDT” using knowledge mapping technology, after a year and a half absorbed a large number of experts’ subject knowledge and real clinical data – Healthful and beneficial is based on the existing knowledge base or medical guide to do reverse deep learning; on the other hand, the company preempted the head The medical examination agency this important entrance to the United States, can quickly open the gap with competitors in the industry.

At present, the direct competition with the “Zhongkang AI-MDT” business is still health beneficial, the latter Mainly through the Health AI open platform for Huawei, Keda Xunfei, Xiaomi, Jingdong, oppo, vivo and other export AI technology and services, to achieve the AI ​​health management program.