Method change behavior, methodological change thinking

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Why are you always

Methods change behavior, methodologies change thinking

01 How is methodology different from method?

Assuming you have a shortcoming of “topic terminator”, especially chatting with girls. After several failed blind date, you are determined to change yourself and ask the love master to learn the skills of breaking ice.

So, the love master tells you some suggestions, and there is a whole set of common words.

You can go back and try it, and it will be effective. You can finally talk about ten sentences. After ten sentences, there is always a glorious title that allows you to continue the “topic terminator” – you don’t know what to say. .

Go back and ask, the love master seems to know that you will come back. This time, he did not give you more specific words, but introduced a language system called “up and down.”

First, please compare the differences between the two responses in the following two conversations:

Dialog A

Men: Can you know it?

Female: Why?

Men: Make a friend…

Dialog B

Men: Can you know it?

Female: Why?

Men: I saw you next to the elevator. I didn’t know what to do with you. To be honest, I was scared by myself…

In the conversation, the other person said a word, you want to catch the words, usually in two directions:

One is to go up and put the topic in the direction of “metaphysical”, directly to the answer, to the conclusion, this is called “upper language”, such as the answer of dialogue A “to make a friend.”

One is to cut down and lead the topic to the direction of “metaphysical”. The most common way is to describe the specific situation, express the delicate feelings, etc. This is called “undercut language”, such as the answer of dialogue B.