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Private domain traffic has recently exploded…

Obviously, as the growth rate of public domain traffic such as Taobao and Baidu peaked, the cost continued to increase, and the traditional user growth model gradually failed. In contrast, low-cost, freely accessible “private traffic” has begun to receive widespread attention.

How do you really understand private domain traffic, what is its core scenario, crowd, direction path, and business closed loop? At the specific level of thinking and practice, most companies are still confused.

About these concerns and practical issues, Inspur new consumer invitation Liu Xin, a retail entrepreneur, recently conducted an in-depth discussion on private domain traffic.

Class, Scene, Crowd, Closed Loop...,

Liu Xin is a continuous entrepreneur who has been in the retail industry for more than 11 years. He is the founder of three social new retail model platforms, namely, “Lei Le Le Tao”, “Star City” and “Easy Times”. The CEO, which has different private domain traffic games for different categories and different groups of people, has rich experience in online and offline growth. Recently in the exploration of private domain traffic, the results have been fruitful, and “Star City” has been on the line for two days. 30,000 private domain users.

In more than an hour of sharing, he focused on dismantling the new tactics of private domain traffic, and many of the ideas and details are worth pondering.

The following is shared by Liu Xin, edited by Inspur New Consumer:

Hello everyone! I am very happy to discuss the topic of private domain traffic with everyone in Inspur. Now whether it is online or offline, doing public or social, all circles have some traffic, and they are more anxious. Because everyone suddenly seems to have entered a stall point, it is difficult to achieve the goal in all aspects of growth rate.

Including many of my friends around me, whether it is doing physical or e-commerce, they are under great pressure. The goal that was originally easy to accomplish can only be completed 30% and 40%.

I summed up threeReasons:

First, the economic downturn, everyone’s confidence and ability in consumption are somewhat insufficient, which directly led to a decline in the retail sales of goods. From the consumption data in the first half of 2019, in addition to cosmetics, other The categories have declined to varying degrees.

The second is channel fragmentation, which exacerbates traffic fragmentation and makes traffic more difficult to capture.

The third is that consumers themselves, now entering the era of consumer grading, fragmentation and personalized resonance, resulting in more fragmented consumption, but also less graspable.

The HBG theory commonly used in foreign capital (brand growth = penetration rate × can afford to buy) can have brought about good growth. But now you find that these traditional growth paths, like cannons flies, suddenly fail.

Because the current big channels and big media have all been deconstructed and broken, everyone is paying attention to “private domain traffic” and paying attention to “circle.”

How do we play our own private domain traffic? It’s still necessary to start by looking for positioning and incisions. Because it is Traut’s positioning theory or Porter’s competition theory, it is actually telling us that whether it is branding or platform, we must find a certain kind of demand or a certain type of people.

“Private domain”, as its name implies, is a private niche circle. If you don’t have a circle, you don’t call a private domain. At most, it is a pseudo-private domain. Of course, except for the tens of millions of market budgets, this is a local-level style of play, and I will not be envious of the civilians.

But the chances of this style of play are relatively small, because under the premise of so full competition, and within the range of the giants such as BAT, it will definitely lower your success rate, and will also enhance your Trial and error costs, including the difficulty of taking the supply chain, will increase exponentially.

So even if you have money, I suggest to better “grind tofu” and build the moat and supply chain one by one to make your own user community take root.

Our core idea is called “five-step mentality”: class, scene, crowd, strategy, closed loop.

1, class: niche groups can also be very large

First is the class. Last year, a book was very hot, and it was the “fourth consumer era” written by Miura. Then China is currently in the first few consumer eras? In fact, China has four eras of consumption. Because China is too big and has a vast territory, the total economic output of a Guangdong province will exceed that of South Korea by 2020.

plus between urban and rural areas, between regionsDevelopment is not very balanced, and various phenomena occur simultaneously in China. For example, first- and second-tier cities are moving toward the fourth era of consumption, but the third- and fifth-tier cities are still in the early stages of family consumption, so I define it as “consumer stack”. The era of the layer.”

So, to do private domain traffic operations, you must find a class that belongs to your own ability circle. Because you can’t put everyone through, the most important thing in the early days of entrepreneurship is focus, and your resources and energy are limited. So how to find out your class is the key, how to find it?

First, find the cognitive gap of the class.

What is the cognitive gap? For example, the micro-business treasure mother, many people do not understand them, through simple and direct activities, such as the red carpet, can let them bloom, they will recharge the micro-business brand.

I was serious about communicating with these treasure moms and found that they stayed in the 4th and 5th tier cities all the year round. The circle of life is very small, so I am very eager to have the opportunity to come out, especially like a red carpet, a star photo, can Give them a year of talks and materials in that circle.

If you spend some time, you used to send flowers to boys. The frequency is very weak. Now it becomes a woman who subscribes to please herself every week, turning flowers into more high-frequency daily consumer goods. Girls buy flowers for themselves, which is actually a cognitive gap.

There are very large cognitive gaps between many classes in China. When you find the cognitive gap of the class, you can find the potential of the brand or platform.

Second, you need to combine your own supply chain capabilities.

Because any consumer goods market is now more important than the channel, so what kind of supply chain capabilities do you have, it determines what you can do. If your supply chain ability is to do high-end, then you can find your mid-to-high-end segmentation group seriously; if you are doing low-end, you can do it very heavily in the sinking market. it is good.

The sinking market has been very good in the past two years. Because of the sinking mobile Internet applications such as vibrato, fast hands, and funny headlines, the consumer’s vision and desire to consume are all driven. And it is a very typical circle of acquaintances, very suitable for fission. With a better value, a more brand-like brand, and a more powerful style of play, you can re-sell the sinking market.

Third, look at team skills.

I used to know that I was a shared renter. Their founding team used to be bio-electronics, so they were more versatile in visual and supply chain selection. Look at a renting platform team, all of whom are media-born.The grade is better, so they match the positioning of their own class. Once you match, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

The class we are positioning ourselves is a group of women who have a certain income, want to live better but still lack the taste and consumption vision, and belong to a sandwich class among women. Then we will get their portraits and labels out, see what scenes they are in, and then find ways to reach them and build a business closed loop around these things. This is our core strategic plan.

This looks very small, but now many opportunities are niche, and the core of “hierarchy” is the niche. The Chinese market is so big that many of the corners of the business can actually be done very large. Therefore, everyone must seriously pay attention to those tiny groups, to intensively penetrate. This can increase your success rate, and success rate is a very important thing for your business.

2. Scene: Find the traffic host and find the lever to shake the traffic pool.

Class is still a broad concept, and each class has its mainstream scene. Around this scene, you can put the business closed loop.

Because the channels are now fragmented, each of the living individuals is distributed in different scenarios. Scene is traffic, This sentence must not be fake, but it may not be comprehensive enough. How do you understand the scene?

For example, square dance, square dance is a very good scene. In fact, there are some special square dance app in this block, but the closed loop is not good. I want to say that square dance is a very good flow pool for fresh and community group purchases.

After finding the scene, we need to understand a few key points:

The first key concept is called “traffic hosting”. What is a traffic host? We can simply understand that the KOL of the scene, the person, the leader, his influence in the scene or the small circle, can build the people in this scene. So we have to find out the traffic in the scene, find the traffic host, and find the lever to shake the traffic pool.

As for how to bind him to build your business closed loop, you need to think for yourself. For example, if we have a nightclub scene, we will bind every management layer of the nightclub, including the professional managers behind it, so that we can shake the scene.

The second key concept is called the “Consumer Core Button.” We have to go to the scene to analyze and explore. Are there some things like “nuclear buttons”: some key actions can instantly detonate the consumption of this scene.

For example, we have a private domain traffic game that is deeply touching the needs of the night management. For example, he hopes that the business is good, I hope that the quality of these girls is getting higher and higher, then IWe can discuss with him and do some “consumer nuclear button” design.

If you can touch the organizer of the square dance aunt, you can build a service system for the entire square dance, e-commerce system and social system, and there is also a lot of room for operation.

Third, there must be a “leading party” in every scene. For example, the organizer of the square dance aunt is a typical lead party, including the top of the industry association and the business entity of the scene. It is also important to let them lead the way through the binding of interests and emotions.

Fourth, the scene below the line is better than the scene on the line. Because the scenes on the line are fragmented, it is hard to grasp now, and everyone’s tolerance on the line is not so high, and the cost of getting customers will be high.

But many scenes under the line are acquaintances. As long as you design the law of reason (the principle of emotional interests), put the contract, emotion, and personnel interests in place, and bind the private domain traffic pool of this scene. It is very difficult for others to shake again.

3, Crowd: Can you distinguish between “customer” and “user”, which determines your life and death

Look at the people in the scene, how do we analyze him, how to provide services for him, how to build a business model? Here is a special emphasis. It must be clear who is the customer and who is the user. This is very important and determines your life and death.

Why is there a distinction between “customer” and “user”? For example, melatonin, its customers are children, and users are elders. You have to be clear about who is spending money and who can’t spend money but can give you feedback.

As another square dance, the organizer of the square dance is your user, not the customer, because you need him to assist you in working together to get a common customer. You should let him know how to use it to take advantage of it. Passive and active design paths.

So be sure to distinguish, this will even be the whole of your early business model. Only by clearly identifying the customers and users, and understanding their needs, you know how to choose, your private domain traffic can be played.

China currently has a large number of sub-cultures around the sub-culture, each of which can build a private domain traffic pool, I summed it up as “hobbies, spiritual addiction”.

Like two-dimensional culture, including cosplay, ACGN, base rot, lily; and like niche costumes, such as Hanfu, ancient style like the sound of vibrato; and the more popular tide brand culture, it is divided Skateboarding, street dancing, rap, graffiti; Gothic culture, e-sports, punk, etc. These things are popular in China.

Because you are talking about personality and self-expression, so every kind of text