When the band will appear next “superstar”, it is necessary to cultivate new people in various modes. For the current Chinese music scene, each family is still on the road of exploration.

Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “The pufferfish travel” (ID: Hetunwenlv), author Yan Xin. Authorized to reprint.

Recently, the new trouser lead singer Peng Lei released a MV on Weibo, the theme song “After Party” of the film debut “Band” he directed in 2012.

There is such a lyric, “I walked from the Drum Tower to MAO, but I haven’t found him yet.” Just like the girls in the movie are looking around the streets, the Beijing independent music circle seven years ago is such a confused state.

Livehouse, record store, vintage shop, tattoo shop, and a small shop, form the drum tower culture circle of “Utopia” in the minds of young artists. But for many nights, there will be a situation where the show can only sell single-digit tickets, and the musicians on the stage are even more than the audience below.

This film with autobiography shows many similar plots. In a lot of empty shots, the girl’s eyes are Peng Lei’s eyes, and her world is Peng Lei’s world.

Where is the band's commercialization,

New Pants Leading Peng Lei (middle)

But now, the world that Peng Lei has to face is no longer the same.

After the “Summer’s Summer” show, the heat of new pants continues to rise. Although some commercial projects with higher quotations than the festival have been repeatedly rejected, various brand cooperation, interviews, and variety shows are still coming together for cooperation.

Why? Because of the variety show “Summer of the Band”, the new pants became the benchmark for rock culture.

In fact, this may be the most disdainful thing for some rock bands, just like some rock bands refused to participate in variety shows at the beginning. “The elite is hidden underground, and the treasures are hidden in the cabinet” is the philosophy that underground rock bands have long adhered to.

The new pants are also very clear to themselves, and the heat is only temporary. Hu Wei said that after experiencing the bubble of the music market brought by variety shows in the past few years, everyone can calmly face the commercial belt.A huge wave of coming.

Where is the band's commercialization,

However, the niche music culture is going to be a new generation from generation to generation. Starization, idolization, and the subsequent commercialization may be difficult to avoid.

From the perspective of the development of rock music abroad, like Linkin Park, Coldplay, concerts are a common occurrence. Hu Wei believes that rock stars can concentrate on the ultimate commercial interests and the value energy it represents in business and communication. The music industry and the band culture need to be led by some “stars” and continue to move forward.


In the fan group of click#15 where the dolphins are located, the fans from the north of the country are talking about the heat. They kindly called the drummer “Cui Mei”, the lead singer is called “big brother”, and the keyboard player called “strategy”.

Where is the band's commercialization,

Click#15 lead singer Ricky and keyboard player Yang Ce

In a 500-person Beijing performance group, the frequency of discussion of band members is higher than that of discussing music, and the number of female fans is far more than that of male fans; another is called “same feeling” live app. In the middle, many girls have lived in the live broadcast of their own clicks on the #15 scene. The excitement is no less than the “star-sister”…

“Idolization” is the normal state of a new fan after the end of “The Summer of the Band”. The culture of the rice circle and the culture of the band have a wonderful collision. Even if the old cannon is like a face band, there are lights, keychains and other aids at the festival. This new influx of young people carries a pure Curiosity, I like the favorite band in a more Internet way.

Where is the band's commercialization,

Where is the band's commercialization,

In an interview with the team of “Similar” who organized the “Summer of the Band”, “Same Senjun” described the fan portraits of the following bands.

Pencillin: The unity is very strong, mostly for the period of 02-95, the majority of women, the daily carrying information of the penicillin, occasionally paralyzed;

New Pants: Mostly 90-00 years, gender and men are equal, very humorous and stalking, carrying new pants information every day.

Wake up the mountain: The atmosphere is particularly good, mostly 85-00 years, gender and men are equal, usually share life, chat in the group, and occasionally discuss the performance of the mountain.

Click#15: Fan girls account for the majority; ages are 00-90 (there are also fans after 80), fans are very personal, very active in the group; many are attracted by the value, and CP powder, very diehard, there are fans who watched the show in a few places.

Lu Xiansen: The fan base has a lot of learning, the personality is gentle and humble, and the topic is more about the value of the group members.

In an interview with the Entertainment Capital Theory Matrix dolphins (id: hetunwenlv), a group of girls who liked click#15 after the show said that they were the first to chase a musician or band. Because this is the first time to experience the scene, but because of falling in love with their people, and then fell in love with the funk music, she feels very worthwhile.

But the rice circle culture also has its own B side. For example, the fan group like Panicillin has had network conflicts before. Many of them are not fans of Penicillin. Attack on the rice circle.

Where is the band's commercialization,

Pencillin Band

At the same time, “purchasing power” is another trait of these fans. It is normal to chase the band to run several cities to chase the tour. In the WeChat group of click#15 where the entertainment capital theory matrix puddlefish (id: hetunwenlv) is located,Ticketing is the most common word. On the idle fish, the second-hand ticket has doubled to 400 yuan, even if it is still in short supply. Several bands in the “Summer’s Summer” show have a hard-to-find situation.

In the survey of the fan community provided by the “sympathy” to the puffer fish, from the observation of their large number of vertical fans, the volume of other cities is not as large as that of the first-tier cities, but the fans of the third- and fourth-tier cities are also Increasingly, it is only suffering from insufficient information, no organization, and too few music venues.

It is true that the current culture of the band culture is mainly the students of the North and Guangzhou, but when they return home, they also bring this culture back to their own city.

“There are a lot of people who insist on friendship and support in the third- and fourth-tier cities. They have a spirit of “because we like the same, so I have to do something for you.”

For example, the Manchurian Iron Ride in the three provinces of the East, the “Sanjin Manufacturing” in Taiyuan, etc., are composed of a large number of fans. Third- and fourth-tier cities are just missing opportunities to enter the scene, but they are also infected by the band, and more and more people are integrated into the scene.

The commercialization of the band to take advantage of the variety of talents

A lot of the bands selected in “The Summer of the Band” are related to the modern sky, such as new pants, pain, Mr. Haigui, tea jelly and so on.

At the forum of “The Big Business Behind the Circle Culture” held by Aiqiyi last week, Ma Dong described the importance of the modern sky in this program with “We take Shen Lihui, love the art, take the love art and sink the Li Hui”. Sex.

In fact, not all rock bands are willing to be pushed to the spotlight in front of the stage. After all, “underground” is the culture they have long adhered to. There is a saying in the rock circle that “the elite is hidden underground.”

Before you go to the stage, you need to find a balance between rock culture and popular culture.


“The barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes, we have put on the shoes, and we are already in the position of the industry, then?” This is the initial motivation of Gaohu’s willingness to go to the screen. But the charm of the band wants to be fully presented, and behind the planning and control of the brokerage company.

Hu Wei said that the selection of songs is strategic. It is important to choose which songs to choose. For example, the “Everybody” that the new pants cooperate with Cindy is a meticulous plan.

“Why do Pang Kuan and Cindy use such dance steps, why two people want to sing across the crowd. In order to highlight conflicts and associations, and even write a melody for Cindy alone, we want a high Completion of performance, not just a male and female chorus.”

The feeling of the show was described by many netizens as “the failure of elite culture and the victory of grassroots culture.”

New pants and cindy

Like the story that Cindy told after the show ended, the new trousers took her to the wheat field music festival before she did any rock science knowledge for her. When she saw the indie band at the scene, she could be crowded. When the fans, the moment, it hit her world view.

The result of the planning is to leave a deeper impression on the variety platform, and the commercialization is inevitable.

The Summer of the Band helped Modern Sky knock on more business customers and a broader base of customers than it was when it was “small and beautiful.” But at the same time, the modern sky hopes that it can “do a little more elegant” in commercialization.

For example, in the promotion of foreign products, it is more vertical than overwhelming, everywhere. “I hope that there will be more user groups and the original fan groups of the band, and they are groups that can understand each other.”

In the cooperation with the brand, the new trousers and Jingdong’s advertising song “Life is hot because of you” has caused many people to resonate. The main purpose is to dedicate this song to work in the big city lattice. The family, although they are just ordinary people, are also part of the changing world.

Where is the band's commercialization,

In addition to the old-fashioned band of new pants, there are many young bands of 16 or 17 years old. Their on-the-spot ability is very mature, but they lack commercial channels, and variety is a good wind. car.

The summer of the band’s test not only gave the rock band a higher commercialization ability, but also tested their future market space – the third- and fourth-tier cities.

Hu Wei said that the Internet will flatten the world, and information and culture will be transmitted to third- and fourth-tier cities. “We don’t have to sink to somewhere, it’s like a knife smashing water and flowing, it will go down.”

After the sale of the “Summer’s Summer” tour in Wuhan, it will be sold out in a few seconds. On the second-hand ticketing website, the original 1280 ticket has doubled, which may prove Hu’s judgment.

Where is the future of the band?

In the current Chinese pop music scene, it is possible to support a concert tour around the world, and there is only one band in May. After 644 days, 55 major cities, 4.15 million people attended the event, and the record set by the Mayday “Life Unlimited Company” concert was unmatched.

In a strict sense, Mayday is more like an “Idol” band that takes into account independent music. It happened that in the era when Taiwan’s record industry was in a big recession and digital music was coming, they became the “heirs” that came out under the guise of the air. Although its famous commercialization path cannot be copied, it also has certain reference significance.

Modern Sky Vice President Hu Wei said that in the future, it is not excluded to use the idol band’s ideas to explore and train some young bands. “I believe that within five years, the mainland will have its own Mayday, which is a historical necessity.”

On this basis, it is not difficult to understand the red burst of new pants. Youth is productive, and the “island effect” formed by the rapid development of the Internet has made everyone’s youth shorter, even though they are more lonely through the hot chat. But music can bring people back to reality. The scene of the band is just the need of young people.

“This is also a small regret for us. On this show, the Forces nouvelles did not kill these ‘old guys’.” Hu Xiao smiled.

A few days ago, in the “big business behind the circle” forum, Ma Dong said, “I will find a lot of treasures when I reach out to the university campus. It is not visible today. For example, in the program. The band Sisi and the sails, Jiu Lian real people, they are actually very difficult to be discovered.”

On the stage of “The Summer of the Band”, the most memorable young band is Jiu Lianzhen, which is rated as “fire in the eyes” by the mirror. Its Hakka dialect, the knife-to-meat style, has a thin spray. The vitality of the event has shocked many viewers.

Song Lian’s agent, Song Jia, said that their idea of ​​creating Jiulian is, “must keep their authenticity.”

The first agent who discovered the real person of Jiu Lianzhen, Huang Yiyuan, used the ethnic style route to create a primitive stylized band when he built the second-hand rose. It can be said that “real” is Huang Yiyuan and Song Jia thinks The core productivity of the band.

After the end of the program, Jiu Lianzhen is busy in various performances and commercial activities. Everywhere he goes, the audience is full, even helping the promotion of Hakka culture. There will always be scenes of Hakka chorus in the audience. appear. The agent Song Jia said to the entertainment capital theory matrix puppies (id: hetunwenlv) that the market is left to the market to decide, and it is most important to protect their authenticity.

“As a brokerage team, no matter what we did, we will always be behind the scenes, and we are doing the band’s assistance. It just helps to erase the dirt on this gold and make him the most suitable.The timing is bright. “

Different from the idolized path, although Jiu Lianzhen is a completely young band, in the future, they even want to launch an impact on the Spring Festival Evening. Will Jilian Real People become the next “star”? This is also the public’s curiosity about them.

Where is the band's commercialization,

Whether it is the new trousers of Modern, the pain is still click#15 and Jiu Lianzhen, “The Summer of the Band” is more of a bridge, allowing many new business forms and other cultures to enter.

But in the future, when the band will appear next “superstar”, it is necessary to cultivate new people in various modes. For the current Chinese music scene, each family is still on the road of exploration.