“Pick anything. Place anywhere anyway.” – XYZ Robotics

was informed that the automated sorting robot developer “XYZ Robotics” (Xingzhe Technology) has recently completed the completion of Gaochun Capital and Morningside. Capital led the $8 million Series A round of financing, Angel Wheel Investors Innovation Workshop, New Wheel Capital and Silicon Valley driverless company Aurora CTO Drew Bagnell.

XYZ Robotics was founded in Boston in April 2018. The early core R&D team members are from MIT, CMU, Northwestern and other universities. The company hopes to use hand-eye coordination technology as the core, combining the team in artificial intelligence, 3D perception and The advantages of robotic control technology, providing visual picking robot products for logistics and industrial scenes. In September 2018, XYZ Robotics established its global headquarters in Shanghai and established teams from top universities and leading companies such as CMU, MIT, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, FANUC, Qualcomm and Huawei.


XYZ Robotics Founding Team

Hand-eye coordination is a comprehensive application of 3D vision, robotic manipulation algorithms and artificial intelligence technology, and is also the founder of XYZ Robotics during the Ph.D. The main research area.

Co-founder and CEO Zhou Jiaxuan is a Ph.D. in Robotics from the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) School of Computer Science. During his studies, he was awarded the Best Paper Award at the ICRA 2016, the world’s leading robotics conference. Three Chinese who won the first authorship; co-founder and CTO Yu Guanting is a Ph.D. in Electronic Information Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). During the reading period, he served as the chief technical officer of the MIT-Princeton United team and continued in 2015-2017. Participated in the Amazon Picking Robot Challenge for three years (Amazon PicKing Challenge), the top three in the world; the company COO Xing Liang Libo graduated from Peking University School of Economics, responsible for business and operations.


CTO Yu Guanting led MIT-Princeton United in 2017 to participate in the Amazon Picking Challenge

“The XYZ Robotics team has formed two core technologies with higher barriers based on the technical accumulation of the Amazon Picking Robot Challenge.” Dr. Yu Guanting introduced the first item to handle warehouse dynamics. The machine vision capability of the updated 10,000-level SKU merchandise is closely integrated with the robot motion planning, solving the industry problem of e-commerce warehouses with many types of goods and fast updates. The second is the robot’s flexible fixture design capability. XYZ Robotics has developed an end-effector quick-change system with an execution time of only 0.6 seconds, which improves the range of products that can be processed by the system without losing efficiency, and executes with the most matching end. The device handles objects of different sizes and packages.

In December 2018, XYZ Robotics launched its first automatic seeding picking station for multi-category hybrid products, which was applied to the Suzhou warehouse of domestic head logistics companies. The efficiency of robot picking was 1.5 times higher than that of artificial ones. And no need to collect any product information in advance.


Suzhou warehouse real shot

Zhou Jiaxuan told us that since the end of 2018, the factory has been testing. In addition to the Suzhou warehouse mentioned above, there are also many international logistics groups that are about to start adopting XYZ Robotics on a large scale.For example, in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions where logistics and warehousing are concentrated, through the current cost calculation, the warehouse using our products can basically be restored within 18 months. Our technology and supply chain teams are still optimizing. Cost, the cost of future scanners, electrical cabinets, conveyor belts and other components will continue to be reduced.”


Regarding the future development of XYZ Robotics, Zhou Jiaxuan said that based on the logistics field, the company will also develop its core technology for the integrators to jointly explore the technology. The new application scenario; the company will continue to recruit talents, and continue to enhance the company’s technical competitiveness while promoting product landing.

Yao Bin, founding partner of Gaochun Capital, believes that XYZ Robotics has the industry’s top technical talents and can apply technology with high barriers to business scenarios to improve efficiency. Gao Wei believes that with the accumulation and technical strength of the XYZ Robotics team, it can provide solutions for large-scale, automated and intelligent applications in the logistics, industrial and commercial fields.

Chen Zhe, vice president of Morningside Capital, believes that the ability of robots to identify, capture and place different objects has long been regarded as the “Holy Grail Technology” of machine intelligence, with broad application space in logistics, industrial and commercial service scenarios. The technical capabilities of the XYZ Robotics team will be exported to various industries to accelerate the application of robots in different scenarios.