Can I drink brown sugar ginger water for heavy menstrual flow

Menstrual disorders are also called irregular menstruation, which is a common gynecological disease. Women will show irregular menstrual cycles (too long or too short) and abnormal bleeding (too much or too short). Too little) and other symptoms, and may be accompanied by lower abdomen pain, body fatigue and other general symptoms. Menstrual disorders can generally be adjusted through diet. Then, can I drink brown sugar ginger water for more menstrual flow?

When women with menstrual disorders have symptoms of heavy menstrual flow, they should not drink brown sugar ginger water. The main reason is that brown sugar ginger water has the effect of invigorating blood. Women drink brown sugar ginger water. , It will speed up the body’s blood circulation, but will expel more menstrual blood. However, if the symptoms of menstrual disorders in women are low menstrual flow, it is recommended to drink some brown sugar ginger water, which is conducive to the smooth discharge of menstrual blood and increases menstrual blood volume.

Menstrual disorders cause heavy menstrual flow, common in dysfunctional uterine bleeding and endometrial polyps, endometriosis, uterine leiomyomas and other diseases, dysfunction Sexual uterine bleeding is caused by endocrine disorders and is a non-organic disease. Women can go to the hospital for six examinations and diagnosis of sex hormones, and cooperate with the doctor to give hormones for adjustment and treatment.

After examination, it is ruled out that it is caused by dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and further examination should be done through gynecological examination, abdominal ultrasound or hysteroscopy, diagnostic curettage and laboratory After the examination, etc., find out the specific cause, then formulate suitable treatment methods according to the examination results to help the patient eliminate the cause and help the menstruation return to normal.