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Author | Li Yupeng

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While car companies are struggling to increase sales, the WEY brand under Great Wall Motors recently showed off in a high-profile manner.

On March 25th, Great Wall Motors announced on its official APP that since the launch of the tank, the monthly order volume for 300 tanks has exceeded 10,000 units, and the daily average order has continued to remain high. The accumulation of orders has caused many vehicles to wait for the delivery cycle to reach More than 3 months, so starting from 24:00 on March 28, 2021, Tank 300 will suspend orders.

In order to solve the problem of subsequent increase in production capacity, Great Wall will carry out “stopping production and increasing production transformation” on the factory from March 29. After the transformation, more than 50 production line robots will be added to the production line, and the new tank 300 will have a new car production capacity. It will be upgraded again, and the transformation and commissioning of the entire production line is expected to be completed on April 10.

What has caused a lot of heated discussion in the industry is that, judging from the current vehicle manufacturing capacity of auto companies, it is rare for auto companies to stop taking orders with a mere 20,000 orders. Although the suspicion of starvation marketing cannot be ruled out behind it, it is undeniable that behind the strong Versailles WEY is the rising sales of the Tank 300 since its launch.

Future Automobile Daily confirmed this from the WEY brand dealer channel. A dealer said, “At present, there is no terminal discount for this car, and the store will not increase the price of the car. Basically, it will take 3 months. The above, and the waiting time for individual colors is longer, but some anxious customers will negotiate privately with the car owners who ordered the car before, and increase the price in exchange for a priority to mention the car.”

Not long ago, the Tank 300 also launched a limited edition of Monet. Apart from the color difference, this product has almost no changes in other configurations and performance. The price of this model is similar to the top version of the Tank 300. But on the night of listing, it was sold out in only 5 minutes.

Not only that, but on an Internet second-hand trading platform, Future Auto Daily also found a large amount of information about price increases and transfer orders, with prices ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. ThisSuch popularity has caused many people to call that the Tank 300 does not behave like an SUV in the off-road market segment. Before this, almost no self-owned brand products had received such treatment.

Source: Future Car Daily

For the Great Wall, I am afraid that I could not even predict that the Tank 300 can gain such sales and reputation in less than four months of being on the market. Now, when the production capacity of 5,000 vehicles in a single month cannot meet the market demand, it is also not surprising, what is the right thing about the tank 300, which is not in the mass market? Why is hardcore off-roading suddenly so popular?

Past sales data have proven that the SUV market is the largest in China, but the hard-core off-road models have always been a very niche market segment. Representative models include imported cars JEEP Wrangler, Toyota Overbearing, Mercedes-Benz G, and domestically produced Haval H9, Beijing BJ40 and other products.

For the tank 300, which is positioned as a compact off-road vehicle, the price range is between RMB 175,800 and RMB 213,800. The first thing to bear is to enter the civilian market by virtue of its price advantage, lowering the threshold of hardcore off-road vehicles, and will be JEEP Wrangler for a long time. The market dominated by models with strong brand premium capabilities such as Toyota overbearing has opened a hole.

For independent brands, the price of 200,000 yuan is a watershed. Generally speaking, if you have a budget of more than 200,000 yuan, most consumers will choose joint venture brands.

For the hardcore off-road models whose prices have always been high in the past, the price is around 200,000 yuan. I want a car that has the corresponding off-road capability and guarantees a certain degree of car comfort, taking into account outdoor and daily travel. Almost only this car is available.

In addition, some configurations such as non-load-bearing body, time-sharing four-wheel drive, front and rear differential locks, make the tank 300 at this price also cost-effective. A car owner who has already picked up the car said to Future Car Daily, “The Tank 300 is indeed a good car. The 200,000 yuan car has two locks, which is very cost-effective, and there is a lot of room for subsequent upgrades and full of playability.”

However, some car owners questioned their off-road ability, “I was worried at first when off-road, but the actual performance also confirmed my judgment at the time, especially when walking on the Gobi road, the original car’s tires really did not work.” He also pointed out, “Many car owners who play off-road will continue to modify, the advantage of the tank 300