Problem description: Newborns frequently twitch their limbs. Epilepsy was diagnosed in hospital for more than a month. Magnetic resonance is fine. Eating prednisone still had an attack, and eating sodium valproate for four months, and vitamin B6 controlled it for more than a month. The attack began again on September 15th. I haven’t controlled it until now. Attacks every day. Now take Levetiracetam. Sodium valproate, vitamin B6, do you have a good treatment, thank you very much
Question date:2020-10-26
Patient information: Age: July Gender: Male
Problem analysis: Generally speaking, epilepsy is likely to recur repeatedly for a long time without healing. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the treatment plan in this situation.
Guidance suggestion: At present, if taking valproate and other drugs can control the condition, but there is still an attack and it is not completely controlled, then this situation shows that taking valproate is still effective, but The dosage of the drug may need to be adjusted. It is recommended to adjust the dosage under the guidance of a doctor.
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